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Intimacy with Him

Javanese love their birds — especially the ones that sing. Within a stone’s throw of my house in this neighborhood I have counted more than ten songbirds that hang on their owners’ porches and sing. They even have singing competitions.

One of the most vocal birds with a long, complicated repertoire is the mumbai or what ornithologists would call the White-Rumped Shama. At least four of the ten birds in this neighborhood are mumbai. People are flattered when you stop and talk or whistle to their birds. When you can’t speak the local language, it is a pleasant short cut in communication — at least the birds seem to understand.

I started paying attention to a young mumbai that hangs at the little store next door. It never seemed to have anything to say until one day I noticed it was actually singing but with an extremely quiet voice.

A couple times a day I swing in to whistle to him. He noticed that I appreciated his singing and would listen to him for minutes. About half the time his cage is shrouded but even with the shroud on when I whistle to him he jumps down and gets as close as he can to where I am and starts singing his heart out. He even lays down on the floor to get close to my level. I will try to share his picture and his singing if I can get it. And, for the record, I have never given a single morsel to this bird to eat to invite such attention from him. All I have lent is my ear.

Play this to hear the bird sing:


The only thing that inhibits his singing is if someone like his owner shows up or another neighbor mumbai starts singing louder. I think this little bird is shamed into silence.

I enjoy his meek quiet one-on-one trills. And, I really don’t enjoy raucous, loud birds so we get along famously.

On what might at first seem to be an entirely different subject, we have been hearing a lot about the revival at Asbury College and beyond. That awakening has been identified with intimacy with God — a very worthy state of being.

I heard a testimony from a team in the middle east who had given up on having a Gospel outreach in a very closed and resistant village. As they were leaving, one of the team caught about twelve seconds of activity being streamed from the auditorium in Asbury. It encouraged the team to return to the village and the result was that the entire village turned to Christ that night.

There is great power when man and God are locked in communion directly. I believe Jesus witnessed to that when He instructed His disciples to go into a closet and close the door to say their prayers. God hears and rewards those quiet prayers more than prayers that are loud public displays.

I think my little mumbai friend has taught me just a little of what God must feel when our words and songs are for His ears only. He will reward that intimacy. May we all seek it and experience it.

God Bless,

Larry DeVilbiss

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