Global Recordings Network creates, preserves, and distributes audio recordings of Bible stories in more than 6,500 languages. Together with our missionaries, ministry partners, and local bilingual speakers all around the world, we have been teaching the basics of the gospel and introducing people to Jesus Christ since 1939.
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The Power of Storytelling

Jesus’ most common form of teaching was storytelling, using parables and imagery from everyday life to communicate love and truth. Global Recordings Network seeks to honor and continue that tradition by captivating and convincing new audiences with stories recorded with authentic local voices.

More than two-thirds of the world’s population are oral communicators, people who prefer to learn and communicate using oral rather than written methods. In many cases, these individuals cannot read or their community does not have a written language. This presents obvious challenges to accessing God’s Word.

Our passion is telling the story of Jesus to the people in these communities and others who might otherwise never encounter Christ.

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