Prayer Partners Needed

The success of Global Recordings Network’s ministry depends on prayerful support from passionate believers. Because we believe that prayer is so critical to our ministry, we are always looking for more prayer warriors to commit to praying with us every day.

Can we count on you to keep us in your prayers? We’ll send you ongoing prayer requests and reminders, straight to your inbox.

Here are a few of the other ways you can pray with us:
  • Request publications to hear about our prayer needs in a variety of ways.
  • Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and you will receive our prayer requests right in your social feeds.

Looking for an even deeper commitment to praying with our global team?

We are also recruiting prayer warriors to join us in praying for specific groups of people who have no Scripture in their language and no church or missionaries in their community.

We have seen firsthand the power of prayer when it comes to introducing individuals and communities to Jesus—but these fruits do not grow overnight. Sometimes we pray for groups for many years before we hear that our prayers have been answered. In other cases, we are surprised and delighted to hear of authentic faith taking root even faster than we could have imagined.

If this long-term, focused prayer project interests you, please contact us today. We will send you the name and profile of a specific group of people need to meet Jesus—and need your prayers.

Join the People's Prayer Project