Will you help us tell the story of Jesus in every language?

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We have teams that go on short missionary trips in the USA or to Mexico. You can participate in the distribution of Gospel messages. To inquire about these unique opportunities, please contact us.


You can do research or data input from home. We are looking for servants of God. There are some tasks that will further the spread of the Gospel in every language. This section describes tasks rather than positions or short term missions. A task can be a very small activity that is completed in less than a day, or a longer project that covers a number of trips to the office. They are completed by a volunteer.

Language Tracking Department

One of the goals of GRN is to have our recordings appear in search engines when people look for their hometown or native language. The GRN database needs to correctly link locations and languages all over the world. This project has three steps.

1. Define Geopolitical Locations

Put the language locations in the GRN database in the correct relationship to their state, province, region, and country. Work will be done with maps and the political divisions of one country at a time.

2. Link Languages to Geopolitical Locations

Link the locations in the GRN database with the language spoken there. Requires comparing maps, language data, and locations, then entering the information in the database.

3. Trade and Vernacular Names

Align all the place names with vernacular names and trade language names. This is done country by country.