Are you wanting to serve the Lord?

We look for the following in both home and field candidates: you are a committed follower of Jesus Christ with a regular devotional life grounded in closeness to Him. You belong to a Bible-believing local church and share the Lord and His Good News whenever possible. You are teachable, with a servant heart and a strong sense of the Lord’s calling to the ministry of Global Recordings Network. Might that be you?

Field workers go, find and verify every language that does not have the Story of Jesus and record that story, and “capture that language” in a set of Bible-based stories. The mission commits to provide equipment, training, and travel expenses. As a field worker you must trust God to provide bread and butter and everything else desired.

Home-based workers support the field work in a variety of ways. You may come to Tucson or you may work from your current home, but you would also need to be committed to the vision of GRN: Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language!

Positions may be filled by those who apply to join us as career missionaries, associate missionaries, volunteers, or interns. Career missionaries and interns trust God for their finances for living, whether you raise personal support by sharing your  story with friends and churches, or you look to the Lord alone without asking others for support. Those who do not need extra income may apply as associate staff or volunteers. Positions are available in the GRN USA office in Tucson, Arizona; around the world wherever language scouts and field recordists are needed; and, increasingly, for volunteers who work from their homes around the country.

Some of the positions that are open right now include:

Field recordist


Field adminstrator

Javascript Programmer

Production Administrator

Studio Administrator


Orders Assistant

Hospitality coordinator

Recruitment Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Technical Specialist


Personnel Manager

Personnel Assistant

Language Researcher

Mapping Specialist

Finance Assistant


Graphic Designer

For more information or answers to specific questions, please contact the Tucson office at 520-395-1399 or toll-free (in the US only) 888-444-7872.



Video story from our former Australian director in his early years in east Africa: “The Word of Life