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Recordist Training Course Update

I thought it timely to share what is happening as far as recording technician training.

We have been planning a Recordist Training Course (RTC) to take place in Mexico, but you may already know that it was postponed. First, a couple of the fellows no longer considered they could support the time and subsequent commitment to be recordists. The businesses that were going to support them shared in the world financial downturn. Then, also a consequence of the covid shutdowns, the targeted tribal areas were closed to the outside world. After the cancelation there was another applicant so we have three in line for a later training in Mexico. Mexican leader Chucho and I will be planning this.

So, our sights turned to holding a course here at Catalina. We had hoped at one point that at least two of the Mexicans could join us here but they elected to not try a border crossing. So, we are currently set up with 6 trainees who will begin an intense month of instruction starting on August 24. We have 9 full sets of training and digital recording equipment in hand now so if you are game to be prepared for a few years of sleuthing some of the earth’s last remaining languages, this is your chance. Email me!

The Lord has graciously provided an able crew of teachers for this RTC. Ed and Judy Young and their son Michael, along with myself, will be teaching the bulk of the content. This new age of virtual meetings has opened the door for long-distance assistance from Australians Noel Bachelor and Graham Schable and international Director Graydon Colville. Also contributing from a distance will be Jon Rulison from Thailand and Gustavo Calixto from Ecuador. Roland Heck, Allan Starling, and Wayne J will be all be contributing from California. We even have a volunteer who is coming out from Michigan specifically to do the cooking for the course.

Experienced and novice recordists alike will all be introduced and oriented on a new generation of digital recording equipment that is supposed to make it all easier. Besides the distance teaching, another first is the request to capture the course live online so others can tune in as needed. All of this is expected to contribute to a new generation of training that will be saved online and available to others in the future.

Pray with us that this will be much more than technical, cultural, and linguistic training. Teachers and students alike will be leading prayer times and sharing their testimonies. Pray that we will form a smoothly-working team, and that we will be built up in the faith and fully equipped for the challenge ahead … which by now you know is, “The Story of Jesus in EVERY Language.”

God bless,

Larry DeVilbiss | Executive Director

Global Recordings Network USA

P. S. As a “thank you” for your continued support of the ministry of Global Recordings Network USA, and in celebration of over 80 years of God’s faithfulness, we have compiled a collection of 80 daily devotions written by GRN founder, Joy Ridderhof. You may read or download your copy of Rejoice Always – 80 Devotions with Joy Ridderhof  here.

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