Farewell to Larry DeVilbiss who, after 58 years of association with our ministry goes into active retirement in an Asian country.

The Apple of His Eye

If you look closely into your eye in the mirror you will see yourself reflected back in the pupil.

Intimacy with Him

I think my little mumbai friend has taught me just a little of what God must feel when our words and songs are for His ears only.

Those “Other Sheep” 2

When you consider in the aggregate the response of the non Jews to the inadvertent exposure to Christ it is clear that they found credibility in His message and His… Read more

Those “Other Sheep” 1

This is to be the first in a series under the general subject of the “other sheep” that Jesus discussed.

Cow Boys

The shield of Indonesia is embedded with no less than five segments which represent the five values that Indonesia does not want to forget.