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Those “Other Sheep” 5 — High Places

I started this series in the confidence that the comment of Christ stating He had “other sheep” was an expression of intent for the Church, but also an expression of an ongoing process or secondary agenda that had been operative since the beginning. I could never buy the argument that God’s only chosen race were the Abrahamic descendants.

Indeed, God did focus on Abraham for a special purpose after the years represented by the table of nations (Gen. 10 and 11).  That did not mean everyone else was abandoned.  In fact every nation has their own story and their own degree of spiritual light and supernatural surveillance.

As the nations dispersed after the Flood and after Babel, there is an amazing amount of documentary evidence confirming the lineage and continuity of those nations- and even their locations.  I am not going to duplicate those lineages- there are a couple of books that do that:

Ancient Post Flood History  by Ken Johnson

After the Flood- by Bill Cooper

Extra-Biblical evidence that includes the transliterated names contained in the Bible genealogies should remove all doubt about the Bible’s veracity regarding not only the descent of man but also the Creation and the Flood.  A lot of that evidence has been suppressed to make way for the foolishness of evolution.

What I have not seen is documentation from the Americas that covers those generations. They exist.  I have sat in community rituals in the Amazon where they would rehearse their ancestors. When a man goes on with machine gun rapidity for 20 minutes giving the names of his ancestors you know you are getting back pretty close to the Flood, if not Adam. And, all of their cultures have a Flood story and a Creation story.  I wish I had recorded those sessions.  Those recordings would have been a handy supplement to the word lists I was taking and could have probably netted me an easy doctoral degree.

I developed a healthy respect for the minds of the illiterate natives of the jungle.  I reject outright the assumptions that primitive man was unintelligent — as evolution would suggest.  In fact, I believe that the people of Abraham’s generation and before had superior minds.  We are the ones suffering from minds degenerated by DNA,  grey hair, and systematic educational bias.  Some of the most intelligent people I have known in my career in the jungles have been persons who could not read. They might speak half a dozen languages, but had never been in an auto or airplane or even walked on a sidewalk.  However, what they know about the world around them and the spiritual realm would shame us.

I’m convinced that the populating of the Americas was a sequence of events that was varied both chronologically and geographically.  I believe that after the Flood, during the ice age, getting around on the face of the earth was a very different matter.  It is suggested that the sea level could have been as much as three hundred feet lower.  That would have made island hopping across the oceans easier and might have even enabled land or ice crossing on foot.  It is evident from the linguistic diversity in the Americas that common ancestry would have gone back to the days of the patriarchs.  I think that there was a lot of migration taking place immediately after the Flood and before Babel.  But certainly after Babel those migrants could have carried with them an obsession with “high places.”

If you read Numbers 22-24 and our treatment of Balaam you will have noticed that “the high places of Baal” figured prominently in the ceremonies concocted to curse God’s people.

[Num 22:41 KJV] 41 And it came to pass on the morrow, that Balak took Balaam, and brought him up into the high places of Baal, that thence he might see the utmost [part] of the people.

In my experience with nations relating to God — God is always associated with up.  Why would this be so widespread unless it is rooted in some kind of reality?  The fact that four rivers ran out of Eden suggests that even Eden was a high place.  Man’s effort to get to God or communicate with God in a space closer to heaven is pure logic.  The fact that man should want to get back to God is evidence both of our brokenness and of the image of God within us.  Man’s efforts to materialize or institutionalize those desires is where things can go badly wrong, but the recognition of a longing for God and the desire to sacrifice for union with that God should be viable bridges to God’s own answer to man’s lostness.

The dates of the monuments of the world are very revealing of a generally common era.

Original tower of Babel – 2300 BC (documented on the cylinder of Nebuchadnezzar who set out to complete the project in 600 BC).

Oldest monument in Egypt – 2630 BC- (Pyramid of Djoser).

Oldest monument in Mexico- 900 BC (La Venta of the Olmec).

The Olmecs are regarded as the first civilization to develop in Mesoamerica and the Olmec heartland is one of six cradles of civilization worldwide, the others being the Norte Chico culture of South America, the Erlitou culture of China’s Yellow River, the Indus Valley civilization of the Indian subcontinent, the civilization of ancient Egypt in Africa, and the Sumerian civilization of ancient Iraq. Of these, only the Olmec civilization developed in a lowland tropical forest setting. Wikipedia

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar commences on a date equivalent to 11 August, 3114 BC. It is also designed around a “rest” every 52 years. (Jubilee years?)

The Mayan history book, Popol Vuh, has a serialized creation of creatures and earth and heavens and more than one effort to create people that weren’t dysfunctional.  Their maize god was born from a virgin.

Norte Chico – Peru – 3000 BC.

Machu Pichu – 1450 AD.

Monte Alban – Oaxaca –  500 BC.

Serpent Mound – 300 BC.

Despite the unreliability of some of the dating processes, it is still generally credible to claim that all of these peoples descended from and emanated from the post flood world.

In a prior blog I shared photos and information about pyramids in Mexico.  In our travels to living tribes we visited several.  These were designed for the participation of hundreds if not thousands of spectators.  Human sacrifice to please a god or gods was documented in stone and incorporated into the Catholic sanctuaries that often were raised on those same sites.

When recording the Elotepec Zapoteco we were told that the church arch in that town had originally been on the mountain top where it was first built.  They had run out of water up there so they moved it down.  When asked why they had put it up there in the first place they said it was because that was where the pre Colombian worship centers were.  In fact, they reported that you could still see large foundations of ruins on top of almost all the mountains around there.

I think scholars have established a chronological basis for seeing that every human group on earth traces its ancestry back to the time of the Flood era.  They brought with them a lot of common assumptions about history, God, and values. I know I have witnessed this in my own jungle experiences.

Next week I would like to demonstrate that they were not alone.  God and his “helpers” and the heart and mind of man himself progressed in a knowledge of God and a varied response.

God Bless,

Larry DeVilbiss

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