What brought you to GRN? What keeps you in GRN? / From Sounds of GRN magazine (2024)

Answering God’s Call

by Roland and Irene King

While on vacation in 1976, we visited the offices of Gospel Recordings in Los Angeles. God opened our eyes to a wider view of missions:  not all missionaries served in exotic, foreign places. In LA we met a very loving and dedicated team of people, wholly committed to getting God’s Word to the least, the last, and the lost in every language. This team lived and worked in LA, did things like write letters, book-keeping, open mail, press records, maintain properties, pack up orders, and pray, pray, pray. Only a very few of them went overseas. They trusted God for finances, both corporately and individually; they lived together on a housing compound and cared for each other.

God showed us that He wanted to grant the yearning we’d had in our hearts for several years to be involved in world missions, using the gifts He had already given us. In 1977 we applied for staff membership, and have never looked back. We sold our Kansas home, packed up a few belongings, and loaded them and our four kids into our car, bound for LA.

Over the years we have done many tasks around the home office, each one a link in the chain of telling the story of Jesus in every language. He has provided for us in amazing ways and given us more than we could have asked for. This September marks our 47th anniversary with GRN.

by Charles and Stella Gutierrez

As a young married couple with 4 children, we came to know the Lord in 1971. As we grew in the knowledge and love of Christ for our salvation, we began to see the need for the Gospel — the Good News — not only in our family and our hometown, but in far away places all over the world.

We prayed and asked the Lord, “What can we do?”  Some time later a good friend working at GRN sent us the book, “Faith by Hearing.” Through this book we heard the Lord say, you can do something for the cause of the Great Commission. Christ had commissioned us! His Good News that we had received, we wanted others to hear too.

We met the Director of GRN, and he saw the passion in us to serve our Lord and bring the salvation message to souls in need. Here we are, 38 years later rejoicing in what only God could do, and we give Him all the glory for using us for His Kingdom’s sake to save souls.

by ROland and Kieng Heck

Serving the Lord in Cambodia, I realized that the literacy rate outside the capital city was very low. This is when the Lord led me on the journey of discovering how to reach oral learners. I was fascinated to read in the Bible that when Jesus taught, He always used stories and parables (Matt. 13:34). I also was amazed to learn that most of the Bible is narrative and that 70% of the world are oral learners.

With all this new found information and training, I began an Orality Network in Cambodia which helps others to learn reaching these oral cultures. When my family and I returned back to the USA, I wanted to continue to be involved in reaching oral learners, but didn’t know where to start. After praying about it, I did a google search on “Orality Ministry in Southern California.” Global Recordings’ website popped up so I contacted them and made a visit to their office in Temecula, California. While visiting I was fascinated to learn they had made audio recordings in thousands of languages and were strongly seeking to record additional Bible stories for unreached people groups that were considered oral learners or those without any Scripture in their language.

I soon realized that Global Recordings’ focus on getting the Gospel out through audio recordings of Bible stories and short messages in their heart languages and dialects was worth investing my time and energy! We’ve been with GRN 15 years now. A phrase that impacted me about joining Global Recordings’ ministry was: “If God had a message for me, wouldn’t it be in my language?”

by Marc and Diane Guiett

“I have a hypothetical question for you,” Marc asked Diane as they sat at McDonalds. “Where would you like to serve in missions?” That caught Diane’s attention, as Marc never spoke in hypotheticals. Their journey of serving as missionaries to the unreached began that day.

Marc and Diane have had a heart for missions ever since they accepted Christ as their Savior. They have supported missionaries and mission outreaches for the past 42 years. Marc has a recording engineer background and Diane a teaching and instructional design background. Through the years they have served together in Ohio, Canada, and New Mexico.

While in New Mexico they learned about recordings that were made in Navajo and Hopi. A friend told Marc Global Recordings Network was a place where Marc could use his skills; he checked it out and learned that GRN had a need for what he had to offer.

After 7 years with GRN, Marc continues to work as both IT and Studio director, remastering older recordings and using the new Catalina studio to record in. He also makes sure that the network and other communication technologies work properly. Diane designs modules for online learning and manages the US archive library.