Missionary Spotlight: Ed Young

This was a whole new concept in the mission world, I believe, to work with local speakers. With a Native American speaker, they had a reason to consider trusting the source. And only then could they consider trusting the content.

Nothing Short of a Godsend

Global Recordings Network’s (GRN) Saber players, digital hand-crank audio players, work as a perfect supplement to Ethnos Canada’s teaching of the gospel. The Simba are finally hearing the message of the gospel—not only in their own language, but in ways that apply to their real lives.

Equipping Grandmas for Ministry

We’re excited that new teaching materials from GRN are on their way to Gogo Grandmothers this fall. It’s just a joy to see that in each partnership God gives us, he is so faithful to bring fruit.

NetWork: Featured Audiocasts from GRN

Global Recordings Network (GRN) will soon be launching NetWork, a new series of featured audiocasts that tell you how Jesus’ story is shared and received all around the world with the help of GRN. You’ll hear from our missionaries, partners, and those who have come to know and love Jesus because of GRN.