Missionary Spotlight: Ed Young

This was a whole new concept in the mission world, I believe, to work with local speakers. With a Native American speaker, they had a reason to consider trusting the source. And only then could they consider trusting the content.

Nothing Short of a Godsend

Global Recordings Network’s (GRN) Saber players, digital hand-crank audio players, work as a perfect supplement to Ethnos Canada’s teaching of the gospel. The Simba are finally hearing the message of the gospel—not only in their own language, but in ways that apply to their real lives.

Storing the Story of Jesus

If only people could just catch the vision that God is so big and he cares about the least reached people groups to the point to call one lady to start a mission that is so big, so hard to understand. God didn’t even tell her how many languages in the world – she thought there was 150 languages originally. We’ve recorded over 6,400 languages and dialects. The archive room here in Temecula has 22,000 boxes of recordings in it.

More seeds planted every day

It all started when I was studying language in a coffee shop in my new city in a subtropical area of East Asia. I soon became friends with a local barista named Rebecca, . . .

Telling the Story of Jesus in Zapotec

No alphabet? No problem. Listen as GRN USA missionary David Guiterrez tells one of his favorite stories about the influence of Global Recordings Network in one remote village called San Agustin Loxicha in Oaxaca, Mexico.

God Inside the Cardboard

Did you know that a portable, cardboard record player has been one of the most powerful pieces of technology used in evangelism? Listen to Ross Lange tell the story in his own words of the influence it had for one missionary in Indonesia.

Planting Mercy and a Church

GRN has partnered with Hedges of Mercy to plant one of those churches to minister to the families of Atuwo, Nigeria. And through the generous support of donors and partners, GRN had the opportunity to construct

The Love of God in Togo

French is the official national language used throughout the country of Togo. Virtually all business and teaching is conducted in French. But in order to serve all the people in this area, and to introduce them all to Christ, Global Recordings Network needs to provide recordings in many languages.