More seeds planted every day

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It all started when I was studying language in a coffee shop in my new city in a subtropical area of East Asia. I soon became friends with a local barista  named Rebecca, who introduced me to several of her friends. One such friend, Lucy, is a Christian who started to follow God five years ago while she was in college. But Lucy is part of a culture that has so few believers and so little resources that it is still considered an unreached people group.

To my delight and surprise, these young women were interested in forming a discovery group, or a simple church. To my amazement, my friends shared the God stories we were learning with their friends even though all but one of them didn’t follow God yet.

Rebecca, who had been helping me translate for our simple church, started to follow God and requested baptism just a few months after our group formed. Rebecca is now in the process of forming an additional discovery group with two other friends.

Multiplying the Message
But the multiplication does not stop there. Lucy’s stepfather John is also a believer, but until recently felt ill-equipped to share his faith. Now he has started a discovery group with three of his friends, using our format that Lucy shared with him and audio resources in his local dialect from the Global Recordings Network website.

Lucy also shared the audio stories with her mother, who by her own account does not like God at all. Her mother loved the Global Recordings Network audio, however, because they were created in her own local dialect. Hearing the gospel in your language and dialect is so powerful!

With Global Recordings Network’s resources, more seeds are planted every day. Lucy is also working with a singer and her husband who want to create worship music for their community even though they are not yet Christians themselves. This music would be a valuable addition for their culture that has so few resources and believers. They are using the Global Recordings Network audio stories to ensure they use the correct spiritual vocabulary as they create these new worship songs.