Village Storyteller Tells a New Story

Listen as one of our field recordists tells the amazing story of how God used her and her husband’s work to bring villagers to Christ: 

“Hi, my name is Von. I joined Global Recordings Network (GRN) after I married my husband, Kerry, more than 15 years ago now. I go to villages to help him with communication and translation. I also care for people in the villages because I was a nurse in my home country, so I am able to share some concern about the physical and the spiritual.

When Kerry and I arrived in Thailand to do the survey about the Yoy people, we did not know where to find them. We prayed a lot, and we couldn’t find them until the last minute. Finally I met one grandpa who was about 80 years old and he said, “I’m Yoy.” And even though he was not a believer, he was so happy that we came and that we were interested in them. From him, we met a lot of people.

One man’s name was Uthon [pronounced oo-ton] and he was the village storyteller for the Yoy people there. He knew that we were Christian and said, “No, I cannot help you now.”

We knew that in their culture, they have a story about a man and woman in the beginning, so we began with scripts telling the story of creation. We just prayed silently and finally, he received the script and he agreed to help us. So, after a lot of struggle, he changed many things.

All this time, we did not know Uthon was not well. One day we came in, he saw us, and he just cried. He had suffered a stroke and could not walk anymore. He told us, “Please help me!” Again, we told him about Jesus, and he said he believed. He even said, “I believe in Jesus and also I want to serve him.” We were so happy for that!

We continued to pray for him, and not long before we left one day, he could walk again! Then he started going out to the village, walking through the street, and telling others about Jesus. He wanted to help us record Book Six of “Look, Listen, and Live” about Jesus the Savior, Healer, and Teacher. You can hear his voice on the recording today.

When Kerry finished the editing process, we gave Uthon the recordings and he listened every day — very loud. Later his health failed again, and people told us he could not recognize anyone anymore. But when he saw my husband Kerry, wow, he did! He put his arm around Kerry’s neck for a hug and smiled at him.

So we believe that he is a believer and he went with the Lord. And one day, we can see him again in heaven.”