Planting Mercy and a Church

Through planting churches and establishing discipleship centers, Hedges of Mercy ministers in the northwestern region of Nigeria. It’s an area where risks are high and persecution intense for Christ followers. But it’s also a region that has seen more and more people turning to Christ in the face of these dangers.

In 2016, Hedges of Mercy planted six churches around the area. Many of these churches gather for worship in weathered shelters without walls or beneath large trees, providing little or no protection from the harsh sun and rainstorms. But church members go to great lengths to gather — traveling miles by foot or on bicycles, and sometimes even constructing their own roads.

Global Recordings Network has partnered with Hedges of Mercy to plant one of those churches to minister to the families of Atuwo, Nigeria.And through the generous support of donors and partners, GRN had the opportunity to construct a church building where members could gather for worship and fellowship in safety and comfort.

GRN is so grateful for international collaboration and faithful donors who make it possible to establish gospel communities and tell the story of Jesus in areas like Atuwo, Nigeria.

Did you know there are more than 520 languages spoken throughout Nigeria? Zarma is one of the predominant languages spoken in the area of Atuwo. Listen below to hear a Bible story in Zarma recorded by GRN.