Java Land

I have been amazed at the people and the culture of Java and their ability to get things done.

Nations Rejoicing

…God eventually appeared Himself in the person of Jesus “in the fullness of times” and the heavens broke open with the “Good tidings that would be for all people.”

Is It For Nought?

Some of God’s dealings with us are actually tests to make us aware of our deepest motivations and more particularly our love for God Himself.

Flying Ants

…since the Scriptures refer to the ants as being instructive, what can we learn from them?

Sunda: Cirebon

Let us share the pain of the Sunda: Cirebon but also pray for the very real presence of the Spirit of Jesus to invade and comfort their hearts.

God’s Winks

To not do so would have been socially acceptable … but for me it would have been sin and for the Kingdom – loss.

Chain Links

Recently Nigerian center leader Kish told me of a new technique for bringing in new languages.

The Hunt, part 3

What in your service and walk with God does not come out of the love relationship with Jesus, is suspect.

Torah Meditations

I commend to you the podcasts of Tim Mackie and Jon Collins of the Bible Project.

The Hunt II

The tactics coming out of a love relationship are so in contrast to those coming out of a hunt to kill.