…how to best invest toward the day when the King returns[?] It is unavoidable to see that the consequences are eternal.


The Berom (sometimes also spelt as Birom) is the largest autochthonous ethnic group in Plateau State, central Nigeria.

God is my Wit(h)ness

I wish I could take credit for this hybridization of the English word “Witness”.

Fountains of Water

[I]n the story of the Jews [a] creative, sustaining God who calls and preserves and influences eternal values.

A Glorious Landing

[The head of immigration] informed us that she was going to waive the duty because we were doing a good thing for the most deprived groups of her country.

Tale of Three Sisters

At 8 AM every day the Indonesian team meets for prayer and normally reads a chapter of the Bible.


In Global Recordings Network we are over a hundred individuals scattered over the face of the earth…

Pick Your Fears Carefully

Having told us what not to fear in Heb 2 the author moves on to tell us what we should be fearing…

Mixteco del Progreso

We thank God for … the reminder that the call to “go” means to keep going and going and going until there is no further need to go.