Mixteco del Progreso

We thank God for … the reminder that the call to “go” means to keep going and going and going until there is no further need to go.


There seems to be a Divine progression in the approach to the massive job of reaching the lost.

Those Word Lists

If a language helper had trouble translating/recording a word list, they would certainly not be able to translate a story into their language.


In many respects I believe that our recordings become a perpetual witness to generations of people groups of the faithfulness and intentions of God…

Voices in the Wilderness

Using the vernacular will always open the way for the direct insertion into that culture of Jesus and His life and the Kingdom of God…

Nigeria – First Impressions

Pray that between now and April 7 we will be able to get our arms, heads, and hearts around the unfinished task and God’s plan for the future.

From the Land of Nod

Last week, for the first time in my life I found myself without a passport and without legal status.


The actual act of recording this language barely took an hour because the planning and preparation were all prepared digitally.