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Timely Treasure Trove

Forty years ago, Keith Green sang of the Church, “you’re asleep in the Light!” How about today, Church?
What are we doing with the Truth we claim to be so important?

Meet a pair who do a lot with that Truth. Joe and Mary* are a retirement-age couple who could be golfing,
knitting, or spending more time with their 16 grandchildren. But their delight is to search out languages
and record them… in increasingly difficult and risky places…

                                                                                                                        *names changed to protect the innocent


One of our field teams has had a strong burden for traumatized Ukrainian kids. You’ve seen the TV footage. What can be done? Joe and Mary did something. They found a set of scripts designed for traumatized children in southern Africa which, recorded and loaded onto mp3 players, could be inserted in a stuffed animal. They found someone to translate the script into Ukrainian, and then kept searching for speakers to record it until they discovered a Ukrainian church in another state. Mary flew and Joe travelled 11 hours by car from another assignment to this church. Delays and uncertainties abounded, but Joe and Mary pressed on, and the Lord opened the door … in a big way.

Once its members saw the reality of the tiger/message duo, this immigrant church provided housing for Joe and Mary, brought them several phenomenal language
helpers, and will be sending songs to accompany both adult and children’s messages.

In an amazingly short time, the series for traumatized kids was recorded, complete with inventive voice overs for various parts and some sound effects, all by one woman. Three Words of Life messages and one book of the LLL series for adults were also    recorded. In fact, Joe and Mary had estimated three weeks to record just the children’s series, but accomplished this high-quality recording in three days!

By the way, across the Atlantic our GRN UK center took on the job of recording this set of scripts for children in the Russian language. Pray for those recordings, and for Mary as she edits and processes these Ukrainian messages.

Worldwide ministries will be involved in distribution in the country … toward the end  result that kids who have suffered what you’ve been watching on

your TV screens will have something to hold in their arms that will comfort them and say, “Yes, Jesus loves you and He cares what happens to you.” In addition, stressed and  endangered adults will have the Good News of salvation and comfort in their heart language.

If the Lord lays it on your heart to help these and other refugees, specify your gift for “Project Refugee.”  Most of all, pray with us for the light of Jesus to dispel all spiritual darkness and bring souls into His Kingdom. It is the goal of all that we do.