Project Refugee


There are an estimated 22.5 million refugees worldwide.  If people have survived fleeing their country, they often wind up in a foreign country where they suddenly have to learn another culture and generally another language. Global Recordings Network already has some audio recordings of basic Christian materials in most of their languages.  GRN has also developed some special new scripts for refugees.  One aims to help refugees realize that Jesus Himself went through many of the same problems that they face, and understands their situation.  Another script offers “Comfort for the Heart.”  It explains how God can help people to find peace even in the midst of difficulty.  For those refugees and immigrants who have managed to make it into the US, the new script “Welcome to the United States of America” also explains how the US was founded with Christian principles by people fleeing Europe, looking for religious freedom. You can listen to any of these scripts in English, or read them in English, at our website or on our phone app,  5fish.
If the Lord touches you to want to give toward the recording and distribution of these messages in different heart languages for some of these displaced people, you can mark a donation to go to the “Project Refugee” fund.  Most of all, pray for the light of Jesus to dispel all spiritual darkness.
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