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Exercising Our Core … Values

Exercising our Core

Values, that is

By Irene King, Global Prayer Assistant

You may recognize this as a fitness term indicating a process that improves balance and stability. For us at GRN USA we see a spiritual comparison. Our sending our recording/training team out to new countries is a landmark in the history of our ministry. How-ever, we want to emphasize that while we seek to progress in our goals to reach every language, we also desire to re-commit ourselves to seven core values or principles that have provided balance and stability for this work from the early days of ministry. Technologies, techniques, and training processes continue to change and develop, advance with the times, and solve new and different problems … but the core message remains the same: every language group needs to hear the Gospel call to salvation in Jesus Christ as the only way to God.


GRN USA’s Core Values

1. We believe that GRN has a twofold purpose: To spread the Gospel by means of   audio recordings; and to maintain a testimony of faith for the glory of God and the strengthening of the faith of His Church.

2. We believe that God’s call on our lives is to:  Faith, as we trust God to supply all needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus;  Prayer, because the ministry of GRN was built on the foundation of prayer first, and that should remain unchanged;  Rejoicing, as the Holy Spirit empowers us to  give thanks in everything, at all times.

3. God’s Word. The Word of God is the standard against which we measure all that we do, personally and corporately. We must live the fundamentals of the faith as well as share them.

4. The unreached. There are still many unreached people groups. We provide tools for the worldwide Church to take the Gospel to each group in their heart language through audio/visual media.

5. Sacrificial living. Although we cannot promise to live consistently, sacrificially, and joyfully every minute, we expect and believe the Holy Spirit can work out His perfect will in us as we cooperate with Him.

6. Wise stewardship. Gods resources are never limited, and He gives us what we need. We desire to honor God’s Name with wise use of our time, our talents, our    resources, and our lives.

7. Relationships. God has blessed us with an eternal life-giving relationship through His Son. We value our relationships with all who labor to take the Gospel to the least, the last, and the lost through audio.