from February 2023 ALERT / From ALERT

Beginning my Journey

By another itinerant USA field worker

I’m a single man in my 30’s from the northwestern USA, and about 18 months
ago was part of a group looking for unrecorded languages in northern Mexico.
I traveled with a GRN team who had the unified practice of committing our
plans to God in prayer. We crossed the border to our work in Chihuahua state.
The local church loved us as eternal family, providing us with places to sleep,
to cook, and to do our work of learning how to record Gospel stories. They
also partnered with us in the spreading of the Gospel in this area. What a
blessing it was to spend time together with these brothers and sisters.

Larry and other veteran recordists taught us aspiring field workers basics of
recording and editing. He led us daily in prayer to trust God to bring together
His plan for recording the Gospel in unrecorded languages. In God’s timing,
pieces began coming together. The first answer to prayer in this regard was a
brother from the local church who had grown up in a town some 1,400 miles
away. He spoke a previously unrecorded language, and God used him and a
relative of his to help us record Gospel messages, a conversion story, and a
song in their language. A few days later in a nearby town, God brought a
stranger off the street to help us to record more in this same language.

Brothers and sisters also went to migrant camps at night to show Gospel films
and play music and distribute previously recorded messages to many people in
need of this eternal hope. People gave their lives to Christ according to the will
of the Father as the Holy Spirit touched them and gave them understanding,
and the local church was there with open arms. After having worked in north-
west USA, the openness to the Gospel among these people was refreshing.

I am thankful to God for opening my eyes to the need and impact of Gospel recordings in the world today. I have pursued outreach opportunities among refugees in my local area with a small team, and will seek to be trained more fully into recording soon.

I have just visited the GRN team in an Asian country, assisting field teams forming there. Long-term I am most
interested in capturing Gospel recordings among the Muslim world, but would
like to be available to assist wherever there is need. Our Father has the perfect
plan, and will open doors for me as I look to Him.