The actual act of recording this language barely took an hour because the planning and preparation were all prepared digitally.

Knowing the Times

Only in [intimacy with Jesus] will we not ultimately be disillusioned over life events, injustice, politics and policies, theological persuasions, and Biblical interpretations.

God Comes to a Dirty World

Antonino came up with this script which he was able to translate easily because he had access to Scriptures in a variant language.

Corn in Mexico

After living with a family and translating and recording and participating in their activities, we always leave feeling enriched…

When the Church Says No

So, what do you do when the doors won’t open and the church becomes the primary hindrance to a recording project instead of the facilitator?

The Battle Is Still the Lord’s

Even if our circumstances contradict His assurances, we must hold on to them at all costs. God is always faithful concerning His promises.


Pray for a breakthrough. There is so much animosity to outsiders that we have not even been able to get a word list.

Theirs Is the Kingdom

The final stage of recording the Zapoteco El Alto was as unorthodox as everything else in the process has been.

The Hippie Era Lives On

We have had numerous friendly comments about our vehicle and at least one offer to show us mushrooms.