God Gives Most

It is God who gives the most of all! He gave His only Son so that we could enjoy all the blessings of peace with God through our Lord Jesus… Read more

Those “Other Sheep” 2

When you consider in the aggregate the response of the non Jews to the inadvertent exposure to Christ it is clear that they found credibility in His message and His… Read more

Our Prayers Reveal Our Heart

Calling on God [only] in emergencies or to help us out of a fix … is an indicator that God is not central in our lives but is off somewhere… Read more

Those “Other Sheep” 1

This is to be the first in a series under the general subject of the “other sheep” that Jesus discussed.

Cow Boys

The shield of Indonesia is embedded with no less than five segments which represent the five values that Indonesia does not want to forget.

The Church of the Living God

[The Church] is the greatest community on earth, the most potent force for good, and the only ones opposing Satan’s kingdom.