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Why VISION Matters 2

Recent responses from Mexico to having the Gospel played … (Part 2)


Staff traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico to equip missionaries with resources for the Pima Bajo, one of Mexico’s most forgotten indigenous people groups. Armed with audio Bibles and microSDs in the language of the people, the team set out for Ciudad Madera. Once at the village, they saw firsthand how the audio Bibles are an incredible tool. They would play portions of Scripture for the Pima Bajo people, who would respond with amazement.

Since this people group is usually mistreated, even by government officials, they have great distrust of outsiders. As one of the lesser known indigenous groups from Chihuahua, they are often competing with the Tarahumara Indians, who the government endorses due to their touristic appeal. The Pima Bajo, on the other hand, do not receive the same help nor protection from the government. Even so, the audio Bibles created an entry point for this team to begin sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the elders of the village, Don Paulino, was 90 years old and had never learned to read. The team played him the Gospel of John and asked him what he heard. The man responded by saying, “I heard that Jesus loves me and forgives me.” His eyes filled with conviction and peace. Don Paulino heard the words of Jesus and believed. Two months after their trip, the team received news that Don Paulino had passed away.       — sent by Bere of Digital Bible Societies



Good morning, I was given the link to [your recordings] from an IMB missionary who works with Nahuatl people near the Gulf of Mexico. Our church has been working with the Temascaltepec Nahuatl, which is about 3 hours west of Mexico City. They were an unreached, unengaged group in 2019. … We have seen God work in some mighty ways, including seeing people from the tribe come to Christ, and a paralyzed girl be healed and walk.

I want to thank you for these recordings! I have given this link to our Mexican partners from the city of Toluca. I am very hopeful that our people will be able to understand this other dialect of Nahuatl and that we can use it to further the Gospel work in Portrero de San Jose.

Is there a way that our church could send you a donation so that you can continue your work? Thank you for what you do! Grace and peace,  Scott