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Recording Results: More on “VISION Matters”

More feedback from an Amazon missionary.

The beginning of this story was shared in the Summer
Alert and is on our website as “Why Vision Matters 1.”

The interesting thing about this story is the man on the recordings, Yaubewä, as far as I know, was one of the very few, possibly, even the only Yanomamö from that entire area to accept the Gospel. This was back in the early 60s. To me, it is a fascinating story because it does show how God directs and orchestrates every detail of our lives. I am sure Mom and Dad (missionaries to this tribe), over the years thought those recordings they had helped do with Yaubewä were just a total waste of time. I know I did. Growing up, I cranked the old record player until I was blue in the face and people barely listened to the messages and I don’t think any of us thought they would ever do much. Now that he is dead, culturally, it is very taboo to even listen to or have something from a    deceased person. But for some reason, the simple Gospel lessons on those recordings have really touched a spot in their Yanomamo hearts.

There are about 10 villages in that close area and most of the people are related somehow to the man who made the recordings. Since I first reported, both those young men have since come back with others from their villages and all the surrounding villages. So many people have paddled over here, by family groups and then, almost entire villages wanting their own Torch (player loaded with messages). They sit here with tears in their eyes telling us about how,   although initially it made them sad to hear this voice from the dead, as they  listened, their own hearts have been stirred to have and know the peace that he talks about in the recordings. “We all got together as a family and listened to the messages, it was sad, we were all crying with tears streaming down our faces, but we kept listening. Now, we want what he had. That peace.” They insist.

Join us in praying that God is going to use these recordings from so many years ago to break open this entire hardened area for the Gospel. Pray that many people will come to a personal knowledge of Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Also, continue praying for us as a mission and as a family. We have been under relentless spiritual attack on many different levels for months now. We believe it is because we are pushing the boundaries for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and satan is not willing to give up these strongholds. Our prayer is that he will be bound and thwarted in his attempts to hinder. Join us as we pray and trust the Lord for a bountiful harvest.

Michael and Keila
May 31, 2023