Find That Language!

By Allan Starling

If I told you that there are over 14,000 language varieties in the world, you may have trouble wrapping your mind around that statistic. But, what if you could see all those languages portrayed on a map? You could then appreciate the immensity of it all. After two years of research, consultation, and programming, GRN USA is happy to announce the release of our new MapApp!

“Nice,” you say. “But what does it do?; Who is it for?; Who made it?; and Can I see it?” Some of the answers may surprise you. Let’s check them out.

What does MapApp do?

MapApp is Informative. MapApp will show you the location of 14,000 clusters of language varieties worldwide, and discover those with Christian media available, as well as those that have nothing. You can also find at a glance thousands of UN refugee camps housing people from countries we often can’t visit.

MapApp is Interactive. Unlike a paper map that just sits there, you can interact with MapApp like search for a specific language or country. It’ll even highlight them and show you an informational page, and/or link you to a website with more details.

MapApp is Interchangeable. You can use MapApp on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you plan to travel to a location not served by the Internet, never fear. MapApp will print out your information ahead of time or save it on your device.

MapApp is Intelligent. Do you like drawing on maps? You can encircle an area on MapApp, and it will give you a report of all languages and resources in that circle. Or you can place a marker on the map and submit a report about a language or a contact found there. It will also tell you exactly where you are anywhere in the world.

Who is MapApp for?

We’ve designed MapApp to help a wide variety of users.

Our GRN Recordists can quickly locate those languages
that have no GRN recordings.

Our Distributors can easily find those languages that have some audio recordings.

Our Planners can spot concentrated areas of need or opportunity.

Our Prayer Partners can visualize locations as they pray for languages.

Our Supporters can see the extent of our GRN work.

Missionaries and churches can find media resources for spiritually needy language groups.

Unreached peoples who find MapApp will be able to hear the good news in their own languages.

Who made MapApp?

It took a team effort. Retired volunteers scattered around the USA helped to put MapApp together! In addition to the three mapping specialists with LightSys in Colorado, our team comprises programmers, researchers, and data entry helpers, working from the comfort of their homes.

Can I see MapApp?

Yes, you can. Take a quick tour of MapApp to see all of its features. The help section also has numerous Quick-Help videos and frequently asked questions (FAQs). There’s also provision for sharing your comments or feedback.

See MapApp by using this link: https://gis.light

Although you can use MapApp on your cell phone, we recommend that you first check it out on your computer and get acquainted with the many features. We’d love to get your feedback.

Can I help?

If you’re saying, “Have computer – don’t want to travel – but want to help,” please contact us at

You don’t have to be retired, but if you’re tired of sitting in that easy chair, watching TV, we’d love to have you on the team.