Together in Prayer – October, 2019

Dear friend,

We have officially started the quest for a new generation of at least 80 new recordists to tackle the world’s remaining unrecorded languages.  We are talking with schools and agencies for training options while at the same time working to define the task by determining dialects. 

All of these are huge issues for which only God has the answers. Please keep praying!

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team




Click here for the daily October, 2019 Prayer Guide

1  A vision for 80 new recordists: In a bold step of faith, GRN USA is asking the Lord to call 80 new field recordists. Pray also for additional support staff, trainers, equipment, and finances.

2  Strategy for recording the remaining languages: Ask God to show GRN His strategy for recording the remaining languages and dialects still without any gospel recordings. Pray GRN will set God-inspired, faith-stretching goals.

3  New Staff needs: We will need a large influx of men and women to be trained as recordists plus an equal number of logistical support staff to accomplish recording goals. Pray all of us in GRN will give our utmost to see goals met.

4  Plans for recruiting: Pray about a series of meetings from southern Mexico to Alaska geared primarily toward recruiting. Pray for good responses to God’s call.

5  Praying Scripture: “Then I said, ‘Here am I, Lord. Send me.’ ”  Isaiah 6:8 Pray for those called by God to join our teams.

6  Botswana recordings: In South Africa, GRN team leader, Dalene Joubert, has received Scripture material in two new languages. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Tsoa and Shua speakers to receive His Word when the audio programs are ready for sharing.

7  Georgia languages: Three languages that UK director Kenny McKee recorded on a recent trip to Georgia are now available on the GRN website. Pray that the other four recordings will soon be ready to distribute.

8  Relating with the Maniq of Thailand: The GRN Thailand team has developed good relationships with the Maniq people and has recorded several Bible stories for them. Pray for even more anointed messages to be provided for their spiritual growth.

9  Outreach results : As the result of a GRN Togo outreach, a church of 50 people was started. Pray for faithful follow-up and good leadership for this new fellowship.

10 Praying Scripture: “The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One will save.”  Zeph. 3:17 Pray for God’s presence through his word to reach and save even more peoples.

11  Nigeria outreaches: GRN Nigeria recently held distribution outreaches in Bauchi State targeting Burku, Jimbin, Tsagu, Kariya: Wudufa, Bolewa, Duguri, Pa’awa, and Duguza. May the Lord’s word bring forth much fruit.

12  Pray especially for the Pa’awa: In the sixties, there were more than fifty Pa’awa Christians. Today there are only two. Pray that the Spirit of God will use these two believers to share God’s love.

13  The Mashco-Piru of Peru: They live in isolation in the Amazon rainforest, but they need not be isolated from God. He can cross every barrier, even though they shun contact from outsiders. Pray for openness.

14  Pray for the Mashco-Piru people: “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29: 12-14

15  Vanuatu recording: A GRN recording team recorded Bible stories in Kwete Gagev, a language spoken on the island of Gaua. Pray for effective distribution and that lives will be transformed by the power of the gospel.

16  Togo outreaches: GRN Togo has held multiple outreaches this year. There were 12 conversions to Christ from among the Limoni, Goka Kope, and Agoe Logope people. Praise God for this eternal fruit and pray for growth.

17  Twelve languages of Madagascar: Recordist Joel Juedes plans to record 12 languages of Madagascar and has already made a good start. Pray God’s protection over everyone involved with this project.

18  Fifteen Bangladesh outreaches: GRN Bangladesh has held 15 outreaches and done distribution in close to a hundred languages. Pray that the Spirit of God will bring a deep conviction of sin and acceptance of God’s full forgiveness.

19  Making Christ known in Mexico: The ministry of GRN Mexico could increase if they had more recordists, support staff, intercessors and donors. Ask the Lord to expand their capacity, keeping them ever dependent on God’s power.

20  Ralph and Ruth Loper: Praise the Lord that Ruth is still cancer-free 10 years after her cancer treatments. They are also thankful the she is able to work part time in the USA office in donor relations. Pray for their sons in college.

23  Geneva Krag: Pray for wisdom for Geneva in the Personnel Department responsibilities as she on-boards future recordists, volunteers, and workers for GRN USA.

24  Ministry Partnerships: Pray for fruitful discussions with several like-minded entities about collaboration in the push to record the story of Jesus in every language.

25  Colombia, So America: Pray the Embena Christians in Colombia will stand firm as they experience very real pressure to return to their traditional territory and the economics and ways of the drug cartels.

26  Praying Scripture: My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”  Psalm 42:2 Pray for the unreached that their hearts would thirst for God.

27  The Thonchunga of Bangladesh: These people live in a part of Bangladesh that is so isolated there is no road to access them. Pray for God to make a way to get to them, connect with them, and deliver the gospel in their language.

28  The Aloun people of Togo: Ask God to provide a way for GRN Togo to connect with the mostly Muslim Aloun people of Togo to record and distribute the gospel.

29  The Ainu of China: The Ainu of China is a nomadic group that needs to discover Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd who wants to lead them along paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

30  Digital ‘Talk-nology’: Pray for us as we try to provide the recordings on the most appropriate media: mp3 players, SD cards, thumb drives, portable hard drives, and wi-fi hotspots have replaced older forms of media. May we be wise in choices of how we distribute.

31  Prayer Warriors: Thank you for faithfully praying with us over the continued needs of GRN both internationally and in the USA office. May your tribe increase.