Together in Prayer – August 2021

Together in Prayer – August 2021

“In this world you will have trouble,” Jesus told us, “but take heart–I have overcome the world.”
We at GRN ask you to stand with us through trials and difficulties that may intrude into our lives and in yours, certain that our Lord Jesus is the ultimate Victor, and that we can stand secure in Him.

Together in prayer,

            The Global Recordings USA Team


  1. A recordist training course is currently underway in Mexico. Pray for thorough, clear communication for trainers Larry, Chucho, Gustavo, Ed, and Chuy. Pray for God’s preparation of trainees, mentally and physically, and for safe travel.
  2. The course participants have daily times of prayer and devotion to prepare their spirits for each day’s activities and stresses. Pray for unity in the Holy Spirit and sweet fellowship among them. May God’s Word draw them close to Him.
  3. Spiritual warfare often becomes intense during these courses. Pray that each participant relies heavily on the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6. Pray that any misunderstandings are dealt with swiftly and clearly.
  4. Each trainee is asked to supply some funds for the course. Give thanks for their home churches that undergird their ministry. Pray that prayer teams will cover them, both during the course and in the future.
  5. The trainees are learning to use complex equipment to record and edit audio materials. Pray that their minds would be sharp and able to learn quickly and well. Pray for provision of equipment, supplies, housing, and languages to record.
  6. Pray for trainees Joel, Francisco, Gilberto, and Hezekiah, that they may hear God’s call and know His hand of blessing while they are trained in either recording or surveying work.
  7. Pray for trainees Marcos and Nathaniel who have embarked on a two-year internship, and will be traveling with Larry to various countries after they participate  in the Mexico training course.
  8. Pray for the actual recording of languages of Mexico that comprises the final part of the course. May each trainee apply their skills with care and effectiveness as they practice making recordings that will clearly communicate God’s message.
  9. Praise God for the request to record in 10 unrecorded dialects of Friesian (the NL). Ask for a recordist to answer this call that the recording process may go forward.
  10. GRN USA has purchased the property in Tucson, Arizona that we have rented for 16 months. Pray for the Lord’s provision for the ongoing expenses of maintaining the land and buildings.
  11. Please continue to pray for the sale of the former office building in Temecula, CA. Praise God that all suites are leased, but we are still seeking an investor to purchase the property.
  12. USA Board President Bill and his wife, Dee ask us to pray as they seek the Lord’s direction about future service in ministry after their retirement from business.
  13. Coronavirus has brought crisis to both India and Nepal. Pray that the promised international aid will get through and that the Lord will protect, strengthen, and comfort his people. Pray for protection for our GRN staff and their families.
  14. GRN continues to develop the 5fish phone app for distribution of its Gospel content. Pray for stability, reliability, and security of the 5fish app, and that God will protect it from hackers and enemies of the Gospel.
  15. Pray for Philip S. who was recently trained on GRN recording equipment and who is searching out contacts and language helpers in three unrecorded languages in Colombia. Pray for God’s direction as he seeks to share God’s message with these groups.
  16. Pray for the daily spiritual life of every staff member, and that each one will keep in close communion with the Lord despite being busy and sometimes pressured.
  17. To keep pace with an influx of potential recordists, we need to first train more people who can pass on that knowledge. Pray for International Training Team Coordinator, Jon, and those developing online tools for teaching remotely. Pray for speed but with great clarity.
  18. There are eleven people groups in Sudan with no known believers and no Gospel resources. Pray that helpers can be found to enable recording in each of the eleven groups. Pray for contact recently made with immigrant Sudanese in an Arabic-speaking fellowship in Tucson.
  19. Pray for our “Language Sleuths” – Allan, John, Aprile, Patti, and volunteers who work hard to research languages, find contacts, and enter data. Pray especially this month as they learn the best ways to make language maps.
  20. Give thanks for messages recently recorded in NY and in central Asia. Pray  for technical excellence, clarity of the spoken word, and accuracy in the back-checking and editing processes. Pray most of all for the Lord to prepare hearts to hear His Gospel for the first time.
  21. Patti E. has contacted the Tribal Council of the Chukchansi Yokut tribe in Northern California. Pray that they will approve our request to work in their unrecorded language.
  22. Pray for the five other Yokut bands whose dialects differ and are still unrecorded. May the Gospel go forth and may a harvest of souls result to the glory of God.
  23. GRN Australia studio staff, Simon and Noel, are now in the final stages of editing recordings in the aboriginal languages Dhuwaya and Gumatj. Pray that God will use the recordings to bring many to Christ.
  24. An outreach to Arnhem land (Australia), already delayed all last year because of covid, has again had to be put on hold due to recent shutdowns. Pray that the Lord will open doors to allow our teams to make these forays into the enemy’s territory.
  25. International Director, Graydon, would appreciate prayer for wisdom in knowing how to communicate with, support, and encourage our leaders and teams around the world. This is especially important in the light of the ongoing pandemic and its impact in many countries.
  26. Pray for opportunities for recordists Candra and Ronnie to make new recordings in languages of Indonesia that still wait to hear the Gospel. Pray for more workers to join them to be trained as recordists, and for an increase in support staff.
  27. GRN wants to speed the proclamation of the Gospel into every language. Much depends on detailed information from our research teams in collaboration with local sources. Pray for a whole network of researchers, linguists, and mappers working in centers and home offices.
  28. Pray that the potential language helper located in Tennessee who speaks a language from Tabasco, Mexico will follow through with his agreement to record. And blessings on the church there that is praying faithfully for this.
  29. Recordist Gustavo has made recordings in the Secoya language (spoken in Peru and Ecuador). Pray that these messages will touch many hearts. Pray for future plans for Gustavo and Ines and their two daughters, as they seek to live and serve where needed most.
  30. GRN continues to trust God for all the finances needed for staff support and ministry expenses. Our God is faithful. Thank the Lord for our many partners who give regularly to the general fund and to the GRN staff around the world. May God bless each giver and multiply each gift.
  31. Pray for a spirit of rejoicing for everyone connected with GRN. No matter how dire our circumstances, we want to have hearts that “rejoice in the Lord always!” (Phil 4:4)

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