Together in Prayer – December 2021

Dear friend,

The world loves to celebrate Christmas, but too many miss the real meaning of this special time. Take time to put Christ in the center of your celebrations and to pray for those who don’t know the Christ of Christmas. Thank you for praying with us.

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team

1  USA thanksgiving: We are very thankful that the sale of the USA office in California has been finalized and funds are available to complete the Arizona purchase, and to finance future recording projects. Praise God with us for this provision.

2  Arizona campus: The new GRN USA Tucson location includes five acres of property as well as two office buildings and several outbuildings. Pray for many volunteers who can give their time and talent to help in maintaining this campus and making it work for GRN’s needs.

3  International leadership: A search committee is looking for Graydon’s replacement as International Director when his term ends. Ask God to prepare the one who will take his place. Pray for the two candidates who have come forward.

4  GRN Switzerland:  Pray for Philippe, the Swiss leader, to have godly insight and understanding as he provides advice and practical support to GRN teams in West African countries.

5  Advent prayer: Father, just as Your prophets declared a Redeemer is coming, help GRN to proclaim boldly that the Redeemer came for all peoples.

6  Our 5fish App: Pray for a great increase in the number of people who hear the Gospel through the 5fish phone app, GRN websites, and personal encounters. With a longing to see Christ receive the reward of His sacrifice, pray that GRN media materials will be shared far and wide.

7  Language Mapping: Praise God for those who work in researching languages spoken in every country, mapping their locations and verifying data about each group. Ask God to give them the skills needed to carry out their tasks, and spiritual vitality and joy in serving the Master.

8  Cameroun languages: Pray for Joseph and the GRN team as they work on recordings in six languages. Pray for a good translation process, expressive and capable language helpers, for effective distribution of the recordings, and for God to work in the hearts of those who hear.

9  Gambia project: A joint outreach of teams from GRN and YWAM produced great results in Gambia, West Africa. Many watched the Jesus Film and listened to gospel messages in their own languages. Pray for God’s Spirit to continue this good work there and that new believers will grow strong.

10  Brazilian team: Pray for the blessings and favor of the Most High God be on three team members: Karine, Rosangela, and Dionara. They need physical and emotional health for their work, personal projects, studies, and financial challenges. Unity in the Spirit is always a vital need.

11  GRN teams in four Asian countries: Each country is hostile to the gospel of Christ. One has been in lockdown for almost two years. Pray for James and team as they serve God while working from home, endure high inflation, and seek to reach out using the internet and social media.

12  Advent Prayer: Just as John the Baptist proclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God,” may GRN’s messages point thousands to Jesus this season.

13  Larry and interns: Pray for Larry, Nathaniel, and Marcos as they finish their recording time in Mexico this month and seek the Lord for their next steps. Pray that opportunities will open up in Australia and Africa for the team.

14  Future plans: GRN Mexico and GRN USA are working together to record the 100+ unrecorded languages of Mexico within the next few years. Many unreached people groups can be found in the mountains and valleys of southern Mexico, living their lives without knowing about Jesus.

15  Victories in Mexico: Pray that as a result of the recent recording initiative in Mexico, Christ will receive more of the nations as His inheritance and that His Bride will continue to be formed.

16  Prayer initiative: “Chucho,” the GRN Mexico leader is calling on all of GRN to “Pray for God to show us His strategy to record 100+ languages and reveal to us the steps to follow in each one.” Groups in the USA and Mexico are signing up to pray consistently for specific language groups.*

17  Language helpers: While the Mexico recordists are eager to start recording for several languages, the scheduling of the language helpers who actually speak on the recordings sometimes gets delayed. Pray for God’s perfect timing for all of these projects.

18  Prisoners listen: GRN Kenya has put up a listening station at a Nairobi prison for the inmates to hear the stories of Jesus Christ and Bible teachings. Pray for the Lord’s grace that through this project some inmates will accept salvation.

19  Advent prayer: Father, thank you for giving us the Prince of Peace to bring true peace in our hearts. May we share Your peace with those who are hurting.

20  Recording opportunities: Ask God for one or more GRN recordists to record the Uduk language of S. Sudan and the Karamojong language of Uganda. Pray that exposure to the message of salvation will transform many lives in these groups.

21 Praise from Maritza: Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory (Eph. 3:20-21 NIV). It’s so true, we praise God and thank our wonderful faithful supporters for all the love and support they have shown to my family this and many years in the past!

22  Kenya distribution: Walter, GRN Kenya director, is very thankful for a fruitful distribution to the Rabai and Giriama people. Pray for God’s work in the lives of those who received the messages in their heart language.

23  Faithful staff: Many of the USA staff have served with GRN for quite a number of years and are at or beyond retirement age. While still continuing on, several would love to be training their eventual replacements. Pray for those serving and those who the Lord calls to come on board.

24  God’s Calling: Pray that those whom the Lord is calling to join the staff at GRN USA will listen to the Spirit and answer the call. The Arizona office could use a number of helpers in various departments.

25  Christmas Day: May multitudes hear this message today: “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11).

26  Online evangelism: Praise God that the Gospel has been going out during the pandemic via the internet and our 5fish app. Pray for the many thousands who have downloaded the Gospel materials in their own languages.

27  GoodNewsInEveryLanguage: This is a Facebook app page that targets specific language groups by posting a GRN audio-visual story. Pray for Roland H. as he prepares these videos for the app. And may many find the Gospel through this outlet.

28  India work: India still has many unrecorded languages. Currently there is no GRN center there to coordinate a strategic recording and distribution program. Pray that God in His time, will establish a viable GRN hub to further the proclamation of the Gospel. 

29  Persecuted church:  Pray for the people of Afghanistan and especially for Christians there. Pray for God’s mercy and guiding under their new government.

30  Immigrant outreach: GRN USA field worker, Ed, is preparing special scripts and recordings to share the gospel with immigrants coming into the USA. Pray that these messages will bring light and life to those seeking refuge in the States.

31  New Year Prayer: Father, guide our thoughts to Your thoughts and our trust to You alone. Enlarge our vision, sharpen our focus, equip us with Your strength for the year ahead.

 It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost. (I Tim. 1:15)

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