Together in Prayer – May, 2020

Dear friend,

As God’s royal priesthood with access to the Throne Room of the Most High, we are not helpless in the face of catastrophes. The coronavirus has definitely heightened stress levels. However, we have a mighty ministry of prayer to carry out as we pray in agreement with our Lord for his sovereign will to be done with this global pandemic.

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team

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1  The pandemic’s economic impact: Every economy will be adversely impacted by this crisis. Pray our eyes will be on the Lord who was not taken by surprise with this crisis and whose resources are not running low.

2  New office: Give thanks to the Lord for the progress on setting up the new office in Arizona. All GRN materials and equipment are now either in home offices in Temecula or moved to the new headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

3  Staff relocations: Pray for staff selling homes in Temecula in preparation for moving to the Tucson area. Marc and Diane Guiett are in process of selling and Ralph and Ruth Loper are preparing to list their house.

4  Temecula team: Pray also for those who will continue to work from home. May our team efforts be strong, cohesive, and efficient.

5  New workers: Give thanks to the Lord for those who have applied to volunteer in Arizona. Pray that God will give us the skills sets needed through the people he brings.

6  More needed: May the Lord grant more staff and team members to join as we pursue the final language groups to bring them the good news of salvation.

8  An elusive dialect: GRN Mexico is seeking a bilingual language helper for an elusive dialect of the Otomi language group. Bible stories for them will be beneficial for ministering to migrant workers that hear the good news through the Culiacan outreaches. Pray for a suitable language helper for recording.

9  The Ainbai language of PNG: A church in the USA wants to sponsor gospel recordings in this language spoken by a group of 200 people. No recordings in their language have yet been made. Ask the Father to provide a GRN team to go to their villages to tell them about Jesus.

10  More ministry partners: GRN has ministry supporters in many countries that pray faithfully for the GRN work around the world and donate regularly to it. Ask God to add many more ministry partners to support our network of offices and the work they do.

11  Kawa-Saka postponed: GRN Philippine’s annual Kawa Saka outreach should have taken place in April but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, ask the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts now to receive the gospel story later.

12  The Urak Lawoi: The Urak Lawoi people of southern Thailand have received mp3 players loaded with gospel recordings in their language. Pray they will truly come to know the Lord and grow in their knowledge of him.

13  Pray for the Muslim world: Ramadan, the Muslim’s holiest month, ends on May 23. Pray for a huge spiritual awakening throughout the Muslim world during Ramadan and that countless followers of Islam will behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

14  GRN influences: Ask God to use the GRN Centers and Bases that operate in Muslim-majority nations to spread the light of the gospel to people living in spiritual darkness.

15  Board Meeting: Pray for the USA Board of Directors as they meet today in Arizona. Pray for wisdom, vision, and guidance from the Lord.

16  Tech support: GRN is very dependent on the skills and wisdom of its tech team. Pray for this team as its members strive to keep up with progress while maintaining present infrastructure.  Pray our recording techs will have the support needed to solve computer related problems.

17  Motorcycle Gospel Team (MGT): Pray for safety and God’s blessing on the MGT in Thailand as they visit Lahu villages and distribute mp3 recordings. Pray that the MGT team will be able to encourage, visit, and disciple local Christians.

18  Baraine in Chad: In the traditional religion of the  Baraine language group, all blessings and curses are attributed to the activity of the spirits of nature. Pray for opportunities to get GRN recordings and the message of salvation into their hands resulting in new faith in Christ.

19  Increasing our Francophone recording capacity: Continue to pray with us for French-speaking recordists  and bilingual recordist trainers particularly in West Africa.

20  Personal prayer teams: It is vital for each GRN worker to have a team of mature intercessors to provide a protective prayer shield around them. May our “tribe” of prayer warriors increase.

21  Our unfinished task: With over 3,000 languages and dialects still unrecorded, ask God to show GRN how to accelerate recording these without sacrificing quality. Pray too for the people and resources to do this well.

22  Distribution by all means: Pray for a great increase in the number of people who hear the gospel through the 5fish phone app, GRN websites, and personal encounters. With a longing to see Christ receive the reward of his sacrifice, pray that GRN media materials will be shared far and wide.

23  Temecula shipping: Pray for Roland King who will endeavor to continue timely shipping of GRN materials from his home in Temecula, whimsically dubbed the OakCliffDrive (OCD) shipping depot.

24  Accounting:  Pray for Ralph Loper as he coordinates GRN USA financial affairs and processes donations from his home until he and Ruth can move to Arizona.

25  Volunteer Appreciation: Give thanks for these faithful ones God provided just as we needed them to help pack and move in March and April. Pray for Jerry, Michelle, Andrew, Donna, Toshi, Bruce, Claire, John, and Joel.

26  Deb Marcusse: Pray for Deb, a former GRN Recordist, as she returns to GRN as Tucson staff. Pray for Deb as she prepares to move to Arizona when the quarantines end.

27  Recording training: The course for new recording technicians in Mexico has been moved to September. Pray for Jon Rulison and GRN Mexico as they handle the applications and preparations.

28  Banking challenge: Pray that the technicalities of setting up new accounts, moving bookkeeping functions to the cloud, and transferring banking capacities to Tucson will go smoothly.

29  LRI (GRN) Pakistan: LRI Pakistan had an ambitious recording and distribution plan for 2020. They are now locked down. Pray for the team and their families. Pray for the people of Pakistan, for the proclamation of the Gospel, for the use of GRN recordings, and for revival to break out.

30  Mailing issues: Pray for the transfer of mail to the new address, that the right timing, forwarding, and handling of mail will go smoothly when people begin using our new address. This will not be until Accounting is ready to function in the new space.

31    Praise God: God’s promise to His people during their darkest days: “I will be a sanctuary to you” (Ezekiel 11:16). Yes, he will. And yes, he is!