The Culiacan Project – Mike’s Story

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One night in a labor camp just south of Culiacan, we were sharing our recordings with the field workers after they came back to their camp. We used our diagnostic process to determine their heart language and shared our recordings with the gospel story through WiFi for them to hear and keep. As oral learners, this was the first time for many of them to hear about Jesus.

Later that evening we also showed The Jesus Film. I was setting up my equipment and running the sound, which was my usual job. It was then I felt the Holy Spirit pointing out a young man to me.

I noticed a boy who was maybe 16 or 18 years old. He was stopped and standing over his bicycle just holding it up with his feet. He was just watching and listening with such intensity that it caught my attention. When the meeting time came to a close, one of our brothers stood up to give an invitation to anyone who wanted to accept Christ for themselves to come forward and we could pray for them.

Well this boy didn’t move. He just stood there staring. The Holy Spirit spoke to me again and said, “You know you really should go talk to this kid.” I went over to him and I asked if he’d enjoyed what he had listened to.

“Oh yes,” he said. “I just have never heard anything like this before. That’s about Jesus isn’t it? And that Jesus, he died on the cross and he died for us. And he rose again.” I nodded and told him, “Yes he surely did.”

There were so many simple observations that this boy had shared. It was very easy to ask him if he wanted to accept Christ in his life. And so I prayed with him right there, just by himself.

But I guess the object of this story is to realize what we have available through Global Recordings Network is a great message. A message for restoring hope for these young people who are working out in these labor camps. We have a recorded message that allows these migrant workers to have a real encounter with God.

There are over 300 different native languages that we encounter in Mexico. And each of the languages and the people are precious and valuable to God. And we have those languages recorded and available to share.

So as we continue to send outreach teams through The Culiacan Project, we really look for these opportunities. Like that one individual or maybe two or three that God will call to our attention and then we can share the gospel with them in their own language. Just like this young man. ■

Mike | Missionary
Global Recordings USA

Listen to words of life in one of the languages spoken at a Culiacan migrant labor camp.