Together in Prayer – November 2021

Dear friend,

We are concentrating on prayers of thanksgiving this month as we say with Timothy:
And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry (I Tim. 1:12). Let’s send a torrent of thankful prayers to the Lord.

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team

1 Recordist training in Mexico: New trainees Ariadna, Stephen, Joel, Marcos, Nathaniel, Patti, and Ezequias (from Mexico, USA, and Colombia) received initial training while long-time recordist Chuy received training on the Mix-pre-6 recording device. Thank the Lord for these enthusiastic field workers.

2 Vision for completion: The Mexico team has a great desire to record the remaining 90 or so unrecorded languages in Mexico. Thank God for their vision and for the local churches who connect with and support the new workers in this ministry.

3 Translator thanks: Maritza, our part-time Spanish translator and full-time mom, says, “Eph. 3:20-21 is so true; we praise our faithful God and thank our wonderful supporters for all the love and care they have shown to my family for so many years!”

4 Refugee camps: Daniel leads GRN France where teams work in several refugee camps. Often there is persecution against Christians, but many are turning to Christ. Daniel is thankful for partners in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Hungary.

5 Ralph and Ruth: Ralph is thankful for a move of the Accounting department that allows for more efficient work space for his team. He, wife Ruth, and son Nathaniel also are grateful for recent visit to Temecula to connect with friends and supporters.

6 Encouraging the troops: GRN International Director, Graydon, asks for prayer that he might be an encouragement and a support to GRN personnel around the world. He especially wants to focus on those who are struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and other challenges.

7 West Africa visit: Philippe, leader of GRN Switzerland, is thankful that he can plan a visit to West Africa soon to check out needs that some of the teams might have. Pray for God’s hand on all of the arrangements and for positive outcomes to his meetings with GRN leaders and field teams.

8 God is faithful: During this COVID pandemic, GRN Philippines, like many GRN centers and bases, prays for God’s provision for staff and projects. Many local and international partners have also been affected, which in turn affects resources they would normally give to the center in the Philippines and elsewhere. God is faithful and our hope is in Him

9 Far and wide: Thank the Lord for our 5fish app and for many thousands who have
installed it on phones and other devices. It gives them access to recordings in over
6,400 languages. Thank God for His message being shared far and wide.

10 Roland and Irene: They are thankful for the home the Lord has provided and for the opportunity to host monthly fellowships for the GRN staff still living in Temecula.

11 5fish thanksgiving: Luciano writes: “Wonderful evangelism tool. Amazing and relevant information together in one place and in many languages. Thank you all for
your hard work.” Praise God for those using this tool in countries all around the world.

12 Three languages: Pray for opportunities and provision for the GRN team in Kenya to distribute audio evangelism materials to the Ogiek, Samburu, and Mnyoyaya people
groups. Pray this outreach will bring forth eternal fruit—fruit that will remain.

13 COVID in South Africa: Director Dalene of GRN South Africa has lost a number of friends, family members, and coworkers to the virus. But she is thankful to God for each day. The Lord is using her to help some of those nearby who are struggling with the virus.

14 Global recording pool: Pray that the Lord will sustain and encourage each of our recording teams around the world. Pray too for new workers to add to our global recording pool, to support and help carry the load of recording languages still without a witness of the Gospel.

15 Marc and Diane: After a bout with Valley Fever, Marc and Diane are thankful for a return to health and for the many projects they are able to work on for GRN. They were also blessed with good contacts and visits in OH and MI during their summer vacation.

16 Two-year interns: USA Director Larry is thankful for the two interns he is currently mentoring in Mexico. They plan to continue after Mexico, devoting two years to the work of recording and distribution in other countries as soon as covid restrictions ease.

17 Answer to prayer: The USA team has been praying for nearly two years for the sale of the Temecula office building. Currently an offer is on the table and looks very favorable. Thank the Lord for this provision.

18 Board of Directors: We in the USA are very thankful for the godly and visionary men serving on our Board. May God grant them wisdom and direction as they meet today. Specifically, may the Spirit unite them in decisions about use of property sale funds.

19 Language research: Praise God for those who research languages and carry out the various tasks of finding and mapping their locations and verifying data. More than being diligent at their tasks, ask God to give each worker spiritual vitality and joy in serving the Master.

20 Greg and Nenet: They are thankful for God’s protection. Greg had an auto accident in October and is thankful that there were no injuries and his car is repaired. Greg is also thankful that he’s been able to make good progress on his audio digitizing projects while working from home.

21 From a pastor in Malawi: “I was very excited to receive your evangelism materials, picture books, flip charts, and Mp3 players. These assist us in our children’s ministry. We plan to reach the youth in churches and secondary schools around our area.”

22 Nigeria: Joshua was able to record the Pai language of Nigeria. The villages where this language is spoken can only be reached after hours of trekking. Give thanks for this recording and pray for future hearers to find Christ.

23 Recording for immigrants: Recordist Ed is thankful that a new recording is available for immigrants in the USA. The script was especially designed for outreach among the displaced people coming to our cities.

24 Seconded to Canada: With great gratitude to the Lord, Kevin and Ruth announce that Kevin has his Canadian visa and their house in California has been sold. They look forward to serving the Lord in Canada.

25 Thanksgiving: I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving  (Psalm 69:30).  

26 Prayer for Obadiah: One of Asia’s recordist trainees asks for prayer for his physically challenged four-year-old son. Pray that Obadiah may learn to speak and may grow physically.

27 Central Asia: One of our teams is thankful for the Lord’s provision of 700 SD cards
which they can load with Gospel messages and distribute throughout their country. Pray for this distribution which is to be next month.

28 John B: He is thankful for the Lord’s guidance in his cancer fight. He is currently being helped by the care and advice from integrative medical practitioners at a clinic in Temecula and he hopes to transfer to one in Tucson soon.

29 Dan and Joan: Recently Dan’s brother Jon and his wife Clair visited the team in Tucson. They are all thankful for the good family time together, and for renewed ties within the ministry. Pray for Jon and Clair as they have returned to Thailand.

30 Mali: GRN in Mali has a new recordist who is learning more about making recordings. Pray that he will be kept safe, and be productive and effective at capturing the story of Jesus in the various languages of Mali.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory!  (Eph. 3:20-21 NIV)

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