More than Pictures or DIY-VBS

At first glance I did not think much of this colorful book of pictures, of course I knew it was about bible stories and it was to complement the audio recordings but I did not discover the diversity of this book until I started to brainstorm with a couple of people who wanted to present the gospel to children here in a western country. I started thinking, what child wouldn’t like listening to stories and what child wouldn’t like coloring and even engage in the actual story that was being presented to them?  –Elizabeth Chan

Global Recordings Network offers pocket booklets, handheld books, and extra-large flip charts that feature culturally-appropriate visuals to complement our audio recording series. These visual tools, combined with our audio recordings, are an effective tool on the mission field.

There are 40 pictures that accompany 40 stories. Each story is approximately one minute to 2 minutes; these stories are chronological so to present them in order would be recommended. So here it is, simple ways to engage children with the gospel, through GRN’s Good News series:

  1. Depending on the age of the children you can break down the set into however long their attention span would hold, shorter for younger and longer for older children.
  2. After telling the children all the stories, you can print each picture in black and white and have them color one each day. To obtain an electronic copy of the Good News pictures in black and white for ministry use contact the Global Recordings Orders Department at the number below.
  3. After coloring them, have the children tell you back the story related to that particular picture they just colored. Ask relevant questions about that picture and apply it to a daily walk with Christ.
  4. Challenge them to take the pictures home and tell their parents about that story. There are countless stories of parents coming to Christ through their own children. You can ask them to report back on this task.
  5. Whether it is a Sunday school class, home school environment, or a VBS, you can do a prize session where you divide the children into teams. Each team will raise their hands and tell you the story of the picture you are showing them, with the team able to tell you the most stories winning.
  6. You can ask numerous questions after the children are familiar with the stories.  Who is the most important character of all the stories? Why are these stories important? What do these stories have to do with me? Are these stories true? What do I do when I encounter other people who don’t know these stories? How do I pray? Etc.

There are several ways that you can play these stories:

  • Through our Saber Player, which is an MP3 audio player with both 1-gigabyte on board memory and SD card capabilities. It can be charged through electricity or hand-cranking and has a speaker volume great enough to reach a large group of people.
  • You can also purchase smaller, solar powered devices, like the Omega Solar Audio Bible which is pre-loaded with content. Just turn the unit on and start listening. Programing for the language(s) you may need is done here at Global Recordings Network USA.
  • Today, cell phones have reached many of the least-developed and poorest areas of the world. Many of these phones are equipped with SD cards. Global Recordings Network can load multiple recordings on one card or flash drive.
  • One way to share our recordings is on a CD. We can burn and label CD’s from our archive of more than 6,300 languages and dialects. This would enable you to play the content to a larger group, using a sound system, and have the children sit around and listen.

We invite you to call toll free 888.444.7872 (ask for Orders Dept.) to purchase players, CD’s, Good News flipcharts, black and white versions of the Good News art, and more.

See samples of the black and white pictures below.

Let us know how we may serve you as you serve others with the story of Jesus in their heart language.