In the Beginning, There Is a Script

Global Recordings Network creates, preserves, and distributes audio recordings of Bible stories and gospel messages in more than 6,300 languages and dialects. Each and every one always begins with a script.

Our goal is to introduce people to Jesus and invite them to participate in his Church. The scripts communicate simply the good news of Jesus Christ through telling Bible stories, providing brief explanations, and inviting people to respond. This serves as the springboard to producing quality audio and audio-visual programs voiced by local, native speakers with culturally appropriate styles — so critical to building the trust needed for receptivity to the gospel.

Scripts are used as basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They are adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language.

So what does a script look like? We invite you to browse the full Global Recordings Network digital script library today.

In some cases, terms and concepts may need more explanation, or may be replaced or omitted completely. Working together with native speakers and ministry partners, GRN will modify scripts to focus on the unique needs of a particular community when needed, such as addressing a fear of evil spirits or questions of revenge and forgiveness. Scripts are refined and embellished over time, reflecting the experience and information of the recordists, researchers, and other skilled people from all over the world who collaborate on this important work.

GRN has developed techniques for recording even in languages that have never been written down and in which there are no literate people—and these projects too depend upon scripts. Even without an existing alphabet, the GRN team works in consultation with ministry partners and local speakers to use scripts to guide translation work — phrase by phrase, line by line, or word by word if needed.

Since 1939, these scripts have laid the foundation for all the languages recorded. That’s an average of one and a half languages and dialects recorded per week for 78 years — producing recordings that often serve groups of people with no access to the Bible or other Christian resources.

This is the beginning of telling the story of Jesus Christ in every language.

Curious to hear what it sounds like when a script comes to life to serve a group of people longing to be introduced to Jesus?

Listen to the featured audio, our About Jesus script in Vietnamese.