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Recording Teams in Nigeria

Our travelling executive director Larry was told by a local that “Nigeria is the largest and blackest country in all of Africa.”  Certainly the total population is pretty close to that of the United States. And Nigeria is on our list of top three countries of the world with the most unrecorded languages remaining. Our team was there for two months. They joined our permanent staff who know the country much better. Pray for newly-trained young men who are continuing to visit villages to determine recording needs. Pray for Joshua and Solomon and others as they  continue the recording work in their own country.


Field Report


Ztha is one of the most unreached languages in Nigeria. It is a small language group of less than 3,000 speakers residing along the bank of river Benue. They are highly threatened by their neighboring
communities who are said to be believers. The Ztha were displaced by same neighboring communities from their ancestral homes. Though most of them returned last year, only a few are rebuilding their houses gradually while many of them still leave in huts. They are predominantly farmers and fishermen who are passionate about the things of God but have limited access to the Gospel.

After a long struggle with a chain of connections, we were able to locate them through overwhelming experiences. The good ones included smooth coordination of recording process, receptive nature of the     community, favorable season to access them amongst others.

The difficulties included: acute fuel scarcity in the country, numerous vehicle breakdowns which led to more days spent to arrive at our
destination, unquantifiable scourge of aggressive mosquitoes that
attacked day and night which almost disrupted our recordings, hostility from the neighboring communities amongst others. However, God was gracious to us and the trip was successful.

Thanks be to God for the relative peace
experienced in some parts of the country which enabled us to record Horom and Piapung in Good News and Words of Life recordings this season after their first messages in 1964.



Praise God for safety in our outings, despite increased dangers around

We now have both Good News and Words of Life recordings in Ztha.

Thank God for His provision made available for these projects.

Prayer Items:

Pray for peaceful co-existence among tribal groups and communities.

Pray that many people will listen to the recordings and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.