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Indonesian Opportunities

From Sr. Recordist Larry

Pray about our collaborations throughout SE Asia with like-minded ministries.
Larry is now in planning meetings with Lembaka Rekaman Injil (GRN Indonesia)
and others, as we will work with any group to promote the Gospel. Josh is busy
learning the language, and has gone with the team on a trip to Kalimantan.

One group of churches has quickly become involved in a variety of ways. Pak S.
is its local congregation’s head pastor. Pak P. is their youth pastor, language
coach, and the team’s driver. He and his wife have good English and a desire to
get the Gospel into minority languages. We are excited about one recent Bible
school graduate, Miss S, who the Lord has called to come alongside our team.
The plans are to teach many such graduates to take word lists; the interested
and able ones could be given further training. A Mr. C. is willing to get back to
recording languages and already has a recording kit. Pray he’ll be able to get to
the Papua provinces (formerly Irian Jaya) to scope out needs and possibilities.

Larry himself has been given a one-year visa. He will build on past experiences to make contacts regarding language needs in various out-lying areas. Do pray for God-given opportunities for the whole team to find new languages. Pray for the Lord to open doors on all the islands of this huge country, for His glory!