Together in Prayer – January, 2020

Dear friend,

As we look forward to 2020 and to all that God has planned for GRN, let’s take a moment to look back and thank God for all He did in 2019: for provision of funds and workers, for new languages recorded, for decisions made to follow Jesus, for safe travel for field teams, for productive leadership meetings, . . . and the list and His praises go on!

The Global Recordings USA Team

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1  Happy New Year: May this new year be crowned with joy and rejoicing. Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and continue to partner with us.

2  Council Meeting follow-up: Pray for good follow up and for clear communications with the whole GRN network as decisions made at the recent GRN Council meetings are shared with them. Pray these will advance GRN’s work and God’s kingdom around the world.

The USA Board of Directors: Pray for our Board as they give spiritual, legal, and financial oversight for GRNUSA’s ministry.

4  Culiacan Project 2020: Pray for God’s anointing on the Culiacan Project 2020 in Mexico in January. Pray for all the logistics of housing and feeding the many team members. Pray for fruitful ministry as the audio and visual materials are shared with the migrant workers. Pray for a rich harvest.

5  Praying Scripture: “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Ps 144:1 (NIV) Ask God to train us to use our spiritual weapons to demolish enemy strongholds.

6  Supporting Indonesia: GRN Netherlands has a goal to raise funds to support recording and distribution in Indonesia. Ask God to supply the resources for the Netherlands Center to do this.

7  Inform and inspire: GRN offices worldwide publish many promotional pieces. Pray for godly insight to make these publications informative, inspiring, honest, and free from any exaggeration. Pray also for wisdom to share sensitive news in ways that protect the safety of GRN workers and partners in dangerous areas.

8  Recording in Colombia: GRN USA Director, Larry DeVilbiss, is planning a two-week trip to Colombia to record in the Epera: Baudo language. Pray for God’s protection over the team, for good recordings, and that all the details will come together so this people group can receive the good news.

9  Additional teaching material: GRN in Sierra Leone recently recorded additional teaching material in several languages: Kissa: Laro, Kissi: Kama, Kissi Tongi, Mende: Wanjama, and Krio. Pray that the people in these groups will gain a deeper understanding of the ways of the Lord.

10  Revitalizing Senegal: GRN Swiss director, Philippe Tapernoux. desires to revitalize the GRN work in Senegal, West Africa. Ask God to call people to work in Senegal as Board members and staff members—those who will carry out God’s purposes through GRN in that nation.

11  Content matters:  The content of our messages is at the heart of GRN. It’s why we exist! Pray for the choosing of the right scripts for each target audience. This is critical.

13  Cameroon recordings: The GRN team in Cameroon, West Africa, recently recorded Bible stories in the Baboute, Malgwa/Gamurgu, and Wimboumi languages for the first time. Pray these recordings will be widely shared and that the Spirit of God will bring a strong conviction of sin.

14  Much work still to do: There is much work still to do for the gospel story to be accessible in everyone’s language. Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest for a great influx of men and women from all regions who can be trained as recordists, language researchers, and recording assistants.

15  Expanding our base: Training and equipping new workers will require GRN to increase its training capacity. Pray for God’s leading and wisdom to find, encourage and enable those whom he is calling.

16  The Namuyi people of China: Pray for the Namuyi people of China. Most are Tibetan Buddhists and very resistant to the gospel. This and their geographic isolation make them hard to access. Even now, pray for the salvation of the Namuyi people.

17  Hard to reach: The Karo: Kara people of Ethiopia are a hard group to reach. They have a tradition of killing children born out of wedlock. Pray that God’s Word will break  through the darkness bringing them the light of the gospel.

18  Supporting GRN missionaries: Many GRN workers are under-supported. Some are taking a development program and finding it helpful. Whatever method God leads us to use, he is the source of all our supply. Pray for all GRN workers to be adequately supported.

19  Praying Scripture: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” I John 15:5 NIV

20  The Colombia team: Pray for those who are traveling with Larry DeVilbiss in Colombia, observing and learning the recording process. May God lead in their future with GRN.

21  John Blomberg: Pray for John who has faithfully given of his talents and skills in serving GRN since 1975. Thank the Lord for his health, energy, enthusiasm, and godly spirit.

22  Culiacan Outreach begins: Today is the start of distribution in Culiacan, Mexico, lasting until February 18. Pray for good response from those who hear God’s word in their own language. Pray for the safety of the teams.

23  Greg and Nenet Litzenberger: “We ask that we would have the vision God wants us to have in our ministry with GRN and for wisdom in planning for the future.”

24  Funds for ministry projects: There are many recording opportunities and distribution outreaches that need funding so the message of the Bible can be proclaimed more widely. Pray for God’s supply for ministry projects.

25 Kevin and Ruth Horan: Please pray for Ruth to be able to prioritize her heavy workload, and be able to work through problems efficiently. For IT, pray for new staff to get up to speed quickly.

26  Praying Scripture: A prayer for the Southern Pashtuns of Afghanistan “The Lord is … not willing that any of the Southern Pashtuns of Afghanistan should perish but that all should come to repentance.”  2 Peter 3:9

27  Doug Fletcher:My prayer request is like that of Solomon’s for ‘God’s wisdom.’ I wish to know God’s will in my future. Kathy and I both need prayer for healing as we are experiencing a lot of joint pain.”

28  Wherever God leads: Pray we will strive to improve our work. Pray too for an openness to embrace whatever changes are necessary for our growth, and a willingness to go wherever God leads us.

29  Never give up: There will be times in the battle when the enemy tempts us to shrink back from our task. But we have a vision and cannot afford to retreat. Instead, let us ask God for a season of increase.

30  Sharing the Message: Pray for a great increase in the number of people who hear the gospel through the 5fish phone app, GRN websites, and personal encounters. Pray that GRN media materials will be shared far and wide.

31  From the GRN International Director:Praise God also for the spirit of unity and cooperation that prevailed and the friendships that were formed and strengthened at the International Council meeting”.