Together in Prayer – April, 2020

Dear friend,

We are grateful for your faithful prayers for the work of Global Recordings Network in the USA and around the world. May the month of April be a month of joy and peace as you pray for us and we pray for you, especially in this time of global uncertainty.

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team

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1  Relocated team:  Pray for our USA team who are on the ground at the new office in Arizona. Pray for them as they unpack, organize and set up to work. May God grant them joy and excitement as they prepare the new offices.

2  Legal issues: Pray for Larry as he prepares documents and applications for incorporating GRN in Arizona. Also pray for contacts for new board members to join the team there. And pray for the May board meeting.

3  New Team members needed: We are praying for the Lord to add to the staff there in Arizona. Pray specifically  for God to call a printer, a treasurer, and a linguist to minister with us.

4  Temecula team: For those staying in the California office, pray for God’s blessings on all we do. May our geographical separation have no impact on our unity or our efficiency as we work together to accomplish GRN goals.

5  David and Gerry Gutierrez: Pray for David and Gerry as they believe God has called them in other directions of ministry. Gerry will continue to distribute GRN materials in local outreaches. Thank the Lord for their many years of devotion to GRN.

6  Larry’s travels: Later this summer Larry travels to Hawaii to confer with another organization about plans to collaborate and to train their young missionaries in recording processes. Pray for God’s anointing on Larry and the meetings.

8  GRN Kenya project: GRN Kenya has identified eight languages in East Africa that could use audio Bible stories.  Pray for the success of each of these recordings and for God’s supply of funds.

9  Kenyan targets: One of the languages is Lukabras spoken by the 322,000 Kabras people living on the Kenya/Uganda border. Another language group is Toposa East, of South Sudan. A missionary working with this group wants recordings for outreach.

10  Garre people of Somalia: The Garre are located on the Upper Jubba River. Most are nomadic herdsmen, seasonally migrating with their camels, sheep, and goats. Pray that God will reveal himself to this people group. May God give a GRN recording team the burden and opportunity to reach them.

11  Gaps in our global workforce: GRN needs numerous godly people to fill gaps in its global workforce; people who have a strong work ethic and great joy in serving. Pray earnestly for young and not-so-young workers to be called by God and sent and supported by their churches and God’s people.

12  Easter: Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” John 11:25 NIV

13  Prayer for GRN: GRN has ministry supporters in many countries who faithfully pray for our work around the world and donate regularly to it. Ask God to increase this support for our network of offices and their work.

14  Kawa Saka 2020: GRN’s annual Kawa Saka outreach in the Philippines is from April 22 – May 1, 2020. Pray that even people living up in the remotest villages will be impacted by the gospel story.

15  Closing escrow: Today is the expected close of escrow for our Temecula building, home to GRN for the last 15 years. Ask the Lord to call many new young missionaries through the GRN office in Arizona.

16  Kingdom goals: Pray that the ministry goals GRN sets will be in line with God’s Kingdom goals. We can be confident that our Father will make provision for what He has given GRN to carry out.

17  Opportunity to train recording technicians: The collaboration to train many new teams under Bibles for  Asia is looking promising. At the recent Council meeting in Thailand, a Memorandum of Understanding was agreed upon. Jon Rulison will supervise the training.

18  A difficult place to live and witness: Mauritania in northwest Africa is a Muslim State and a very difficult place for Christians to live and witness. Pray for the safety of our GRN workers, partners and their families, and for the extension of God’s Kingdom.

19  GRN in Cameroon: Pray for the GRN staff in Cameroon where churches are often targeted by Islamists. The recording work continues despite the dangers. Pray for effective use of the 37 languages GRN teams have recorded there and for the 31 languages targeted for the next three years.

20  Papua New Guinea challenges: Over 870 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea. GRN has made recordings of the gospel in about half of these. Pray for GRN leader, Merolin Gawa, and her team as they make the ministry known and effectively distribute recordings.

21  Refugee outreach: Germany has many refugees, Pray that the GRN team will be effective in informing refugee ministries of the tools we provide which can help them.

22  East Africa languages: The GRN Kenya office has listed eight languages in East Africa that could use audio Bible stories. One of the languages targeted is Lariim/Narim of South Sudan spoken by 7,200 people. They are mostly found in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda.

23  Ugandan Target: Another language is Karamojong, spoken by a group of 822,000 people in Uganda.  Pastors are requesting GRN audio material for outreach and discipleship. Pray for the success and impact of each of these recordings.

24  Recruiting prayer warriors: Pray that GRN staff will make it a priority to recruit prayer warriors for their personal prayer teams. Having a team of mature intercessors provides a protective prayer shield around us and is an essential part of being properly equipped as missionaries and as soldiers of the Cross of Christ.

25  Six potential recordists: Six young men from the Culiacan project are eager to do more ministry among the Indian groups of Mexico. These recruits have been asked to make a five-year commitment to record with GRN Mexico. Pray for their training.

26  Mexico training course: The recruits will attend training in September and October; and carry out at least three recording trips every year for the next five years. Pray for lasting commitments for the men God chooses and calls to this work.

27  Fongoro people of Chad and Sudan: Places are prepared at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for these people. This Muslim ethnic group lives in a rather inaccessible area. Pray that the Lord will open the way for a GRN team to deliver the gospel to them and that they will receive the story of Jesus with great joy.

28  Colombia request: The church that worked with Larry on recent recordings has expressed a desire to spread God’s word to their 70,000 neighbors by distributing 100 mp3 players with GRN recordings. Pray for God’s supply of these players.

29  Plans in Georgia: Kenny McKee, GRN UK, has sent GRN scripts to Georgia to translate into several languages. Pray that the translations will be done well for Kenny to record when they visit in May.

30  Recording Technician teams: Ask God to provide recording teams to make the gospel available in the hundreds of languages of Papua New Guinea which are still without a witness of the good news.