More Languages Than Ever Before

76 was a magic number for our global team last year.

Global Recordings Network recorded Bible stories in 76 languages for the first time in 2016—and also added to our archive by expanding the recordings available for another 76 languages.

Of the 76 new languages we recorded last year, 47 had no Scriptures or evangelism materials in that language. It’s such a priority for us to reach those who need the gospel most. We are honored to introduce the speakers of these languages to Jesus for the first time.

But our work is far from complete.

At Global Recordings Network, our passion is telling the story of Jesus in every language. Will you join us in praying that our ministry will continue building and supporting the kingdom of God with even more recordings?

Hear about loving your enemies in Tshiluba Kasai, a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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