Together in Prayer – July 2021

Together in Prayer – July 2021

In this current world of conflict, we are to be like our Father in Heaven and His Son, holding forth the words that bring the hope of lasting peace – the Gospel of Jesus Christ – with true saving and transforming power! Let us all proclaim His love for all peoples, as often as we have opportunity.

Together in prayer,

          The Global Recordings USA Team


  1. Chihuahua report: Larry and a team have just returned from a recording/outreach training and orientation in northern Mexico. Thank God for victories and for recordings made; pray for follow-up by others so those reached may continue to grow in faith.
  2. Recording technology: Pray as recordists learn new techniques. One of our recordist interns, Nathaniel, will be taking the lead in studying and recommending new technologies.
  3. Be strong and do exploits: For the sake of the lost, may GRN workers live according to Daniel 11:32, “The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” Let us ask big things of a great God that He will be glorified increasingly among the nations.
  4. Praying for America: On this USA Independence Day, please join with us in praying for the church in America. May we who know Him grow closer to God, sure of His heart for the lost and His desire to bring true freedom to those in bondage.
  5. Recordist interns: Pray for Nathaniel and Marcos, who will accompany USA Director Larry on a worldwide two-year recording and training assignment to several strategic countries. Pray that the Lord would prepare them for this adventure, supply their every need, and use them to reach the lost in mighty ways.
  6. August training: Pray for plans currently underway for an August recordist training course (RTC) to be held in southern Mexico. Pray for trainers Larry, Chucho, Gustavo, Ed, and Chuy. May the Lord lead and guide them as they conduct this course.
  7. August trainees: Pray for God’s clear call and preparation of each trainee for the August Mexico RTC – spiritually, physically, and mentally. Pray for provision of equipment, supplies, housing, and safe travel.
  8. Southeast Asia liaison: Pray for Frank (GRN Australia) as he liaises with a number of our GRN Southeast Asian centers. Ask God to give him wisdom as he interacts with many individuals, cultures, and situations that arise.
  9. God is our provider: Praise God — He is our Jehovah Jireh (“the Lord will provide”). Pray for an increase in resources so that many more recording teams can be recruited, trained, and equipped, and become active in their fields.
  10. East Africa base to close: The decision has been made to close the GRN base in Tanzania. Recording and distribution will continue from the Kenya office. Pray for local partners that have a burden to see GRN materials made available to the smaller language groups in that country.
  11. Continuing in Mali: GRN in Mali has a newer recordist who is learning more about making recordings. Pray he’ll be kept safe, be effective at his work, and be productive capturing the story of Jesus in various languages of Mali.
  12. Mexico increase: Pray the Lord to bring great increase to the work in Mexico, as it is done according to the Holy Spirit’s direction. Much Good News recording remains to be done.
  13. Mexico needs: Pray that GRN outreaches result in a multitude of new worshipers from all tribes and languages of Mexico. Pray for recruitment of dedicated workers, and a great increase in ministry intercessors and financial partners.
  14. Perseverance: Pray for a spirit of endurance for everyone connected with GRN. We want to “…run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1 NIV).
  15. Local opportunities: As international travel is still not possible between most countries, pray GRN centers might find new opportunities to record languages that are readily available to them in their own area, especially through local ethnic communities and churches.
  16. Work in the Philippines: Pray that the Lord will bring great increase to the work in the Philippines. Pray for anointed leadership, fruitful recruitment of committed workers, and a surge in ministry intercessors and financial partners.
  17. Pasion and unity: Ask God to give everyone in GRN a renewed passion for the Lord and an intimacy that permeates every facet of GRN’s ministry. Pray too that the entire GRN worldwide team will be united in purpose, heart, and love as we serve our Master together.
  18. Growth in Bangladesh: Despite religious opposition in this country, we seek anointed leadership, fruitful recruitment of workers, and an increase in ministry intercessors and financial partners. Pray all this activity will result in a multitude of new worshipers from many tribes and languages.
  19. Colombia: New GRN co-laborer, Philip, was recently trained on GRN recording equipment. He is currently searching out contacts and language helpers in three un-recorded languages in Colombia. Pray for God’s direction and enabling for him as  he seeks to make it possible for the Good News to be shared with these groups.
  20. GRN partners: Christian workers in many small offices scattered across Europe and the Middle East partner with us to seek the strategic placement of our evangelism materials. Pray for fruitful ministry and for God’s anointing and protection over the people in these countries, including Belgium/Flanders, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, Lebanon, and Israel.
  21. Workers to help carry the load: Ask God to sustain and encourage each of our recording teams. Ask Him to bring in many new workers to help carry the load and to deliver the message where it has never yet gone.
  22. Congratulations: Pray for director Larry and his wife, Norma, who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this month. Pray for an open door to enable them to celebrate together in Scotland (where she cares for  her eldest sister), despite covid restrictions.
  23. Standing in: Pray for godly leadership for all GRN centers and bases. Remember especially Dan R as he takes on Acting Director responsibilities for the USA work while Larry is assigned overseas for two years. Pray for good communication and planning skills as he liaises between the Board, staff/volunteers, and many others.
  24. Preparing more trainers: To keep pace with a potential influx of recordists, we must be prepared to recruit and equip more trainers. Pray for the GRN Recordist Training Team, led by Jon from Thailand, to recruit more trainers and to discover new ways to use online tools for remote training.
  25. New volunteers: The team at the USA office in Arizona is very thankful for the help and encouragement from several new volunteers, both in the office and remotely. Thank the Lord for each one who invests their time and talent into projects for GRN.
  26. Nigeria: Pray that the Lord will bring great increase to the recording and distribution work in Nigeria, despite radical violence and opposition to Christian work. Pray for safety as those teams travel in country.
  27. God’s increase: Pray for fruitful recruitment of joyful workers and a team of intercessors  and financial partners that will result in a multitude  of new believers from many tribes and languages of Nigeria. Pray for language trackers as they research people groups for recording teams to focus on.
  28. Accounting team: Praise the Lord for Board member Jim, who has been assisting Ralph and the Finance team in working through  issues with the accounting software. Pray for additional experienced helpers for this team.
  29. Communications team: Pray for Deb as she coordinates the efforts of staff and volunteers involved with producing and distributing the GRN USA publications and communications. May we all have God’s wisdom in sharing the vision of what needs to be done, and the blessings of God’s victories.
  30. Support team: Thank the Lord for the faithful prayer warriors and generous givers who support the work of GRN USA. May many hear of God’s love and salvation because of  the partnership of these team members. Pray for many more to find joy in serving Him.
  31. Health needs: Several of our staff serve the Lord faithfully despite ongoing health  situations, such as cancer, shingles, lupus, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and others. Pray for  God’s enabling power over each one: for  health and strength and joyous peace.

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