From Torturer to Teacher

Hello, my name is Don. I’m the director of Bibles for Asia and, together with my wife Joy, we seek to reach people who don’t know Jesus in Southeast Asia. God has blessed us by allowing our team to transport more than one million Bibles into one communist country alone.

I want to tell you an incredible story about a former communist leader who uses and relies on Global Recordings Network (GRN) recordings.

For the sake of his own protection, I have to be careful what I tell you. He is a high-profile target watched closely by the Communist Party and police in his country. It’s a miracle they haven’t killed him. God has amazingly protected this man.

“Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”

He is like the Apostle Paul. It used to be that he would go into villages to recruit people for the Communist Party from the tribal minority ethnic people groups. And if he found Christians, he would have them tortured, beaten, and put in prison or killed. That was his job.

Then, his mother was given one week to live. Cancer had consumed her body. She was so bad she couldn’t eat, couldn’t get out of bed. A Christian tribal person in one of the villages where he tortured people came to him and said, “I’m going to pray for your mother and if you would believe in Jesus Christ, I know my God has the power to heal your mother and save her life.”

He said, “If your God can save my mother, I’ll become a Christian.”

The day after he met that Christian, the man went back to the village to see his mother. His mother was up cooking in the kitchen. “Mom, what are you doing up?” And the mother said, “I’ve been healed. My pain is gone. I can eat.” And the man said, “I think this Christian’s God has healed you, like he prayed for.”

He went back to the Christian and said, “I want to know your God. I want to know about him.”

The Christian gave him a Bible in his language and the man spent the next two years reading it. The Holy Spirit spoke to him, and so he resigned from the Communist Party and committed his life to Jesus Christ.

A New Recruiting Goal

He immediately started recruiting people for Christ, going into the villages where he had once terrorized Christians. And everybody thought, “Oh, are you kidding me?”

But he said, “No, I’m not going to torture you. I’m not here to harm you. I’m here to share with you what God did in my life and how he saved my mother.”

He went from village to village sharing about Jesus Christ and started a church. He’s started 14 underground churches and each church has between one and 400 people attending. As of early last year, I know he has personally led more than 2,000 people to Christ. He has trained at least 14 pastors and his heart is to build a Bible training school. He hopes it will be a place where people can study to be pastors and evangelists and bring his country to Christ.

He has a huge vision, and he is using GRN audio recordings to make it a reality.

Relying on Global Recordings Network

When our ministry in Asia began, we realized there were so many people that did not know how to read or could not read due to health or eyesight problems. I would estimate 60–80 percent of the people could not read the Bible even if they had access to it.

This was a great burden on our hearts. We did what we could and shared what resources we had, but it wasn’t enough.

Then we were blessed by meeting GRN — and a new era began for Bibles for Asia. We went from being able to share recordings in just three languages to 30–35 languages in about three years.

Our ministry at Bibles for Asia has thrived with the help of GRN resources. We praise the Lord for this blessing that has allowed us to reach tens of thousands of people with the gospel message. Thank you, GRN.  

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