Friends Would Risk Their Lives

As the sun would rise and fall on the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, Gabriel and his friends would risk their own lives to spread the light of truth to Muslims throughout the region.

From the Director

Dear Friends,

Recently my wife, Valerie, and I had the opportunity to visit a church near Marseille, France, while we were attending Global Recordings Network meetings of the International Leadership Team. This church happens to be the home fellowship of our GRN France and GRN Switzerland directors, Daniel Oddon and Philippe Tapernoux.

Valerie and I were blessed to meet a man named Gabriel, who approached us after the service and told of a recent visit he made to Morocco. During his time in the 99 percent Islamic nation, he distributed GRN gospel recordings on Solar Bibles—solar powered audio players—which were developed through a partnership led by
Daniel Oddon.

Making their way through the cities and mountains of Morocco, Gabriel and his group distributed Solar Bibles to families and couples. Spreading the gospel in this setting involves great risk—to the team handing out the Bibles and to the Moroccans receiving them.

Gabriel told us of one couple who routinely journey into the Atlas Mountains, leaving their children behind, just so they can listen to GRN recordings without fear of being turned in to authorities by their teens. For Muslims and people of Islamic background in North Africa, the dangers of following Jesus are immediate and real.

Gabriel also met a group of former Muslims, now followers of Christ, who regularly meet in a mountain  hideaway for fellowship.

Our brethren at this French church bear a great burden for missions worldwide. Please pray for them as they live in the midst of a changing European environment where Christianity is often despised, but opportunities to reach Muslims flourish.

Your generous financial support makes it possible for us to be an active part of stories like Gabriel’s. Thanks to your partnership, we’re able to introduce people to Christ in their heart language all over the world.

Peace of Christ,

​​Dale Rickards