Skip Garmo

Executive Director

Tucson, Arizona
How Skip serves with Global Recordings Network

As of December 1, 2022, Skip was affirmed by the board as the next Executive Director of GRN USA and warmly welcomed to Catalina by the staff here. Skip says:

“It is a true privilege for me to join this GRN team! In recent days, I have spent significant time with board members and staff in many meetings, sometimes in various groups and other times one-on-one. I’ve walked away from those interactions with a distinct awareness of their love for God, their loyalty to Him, and their commitment to His work through the worthy ministry of the Global Recordings Network. It is an honor to work alongside these friends, and I deeply appreciate their warm welcome of Jan and me.

“The other side of the coin is that it is also a real responsibility to serve this very special team as Executive Director. Virtually all nonprofit ministries are in somewhat of a recovery mode following a global pandemic that has at times threatened to decimate programs, funding, and personnel. GRN is not exempt from such effects; but by God’s gracious provision of vision, wisdom, people, programs, and resources, we are moving forward together in our mission for His honor and His pleasure.”

On Faith & Family

Skip accepted Christ as his Savior through his parents & their church ministry; he was baptized in Bolivia and mentored by parents, missionaries, and many others.

Skip and Jan have been married for 54 years. He says, “She is my priceless partner in life and ministry, including GRN. A builder of relationships and a person of prayer, she has shared her giftedness and educational experience alongside me throughout our years together in a variety of countries such as Bolivia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Romania. She is cherished not only by me, but by our three adult children and seven grandkids.”

Background & Qualifications

Skip brings a diverse history that includes serving the Lord as a college and seminary professor and as president of two other international ministries.