Charles & Stella Gutierrez


Temecula, CA
How Charles and Stella serve with Global Recordings Network

Charles and Stella are both retired, but continue to serve as prayer warriors, attending our Prayer Day weekly.

On Faith, Family, & Background

Charles first started following Jesus in the early 70s. Stella committed her life to Christ in 1971 as a result of the teaching of a Bible-believing church she and Charles were attending. They first heard about Gospel Recordings (as it was then called) through a friend who was a staff member there. The friend told them about the work being done here and throughout the world to share the Gospel with the lost. They began to pray about moving out to California and becoming missionaries with GRN.  They were amazed to hear how many languages were spoken worldwide and that Global Recordings Network had recorded Gospel messages in thousands of dialects.  Soon the Lord gave them a vision and was calling them to serve through this ministry.  They moved to Southern California in 1986 and have served at GRN ever since.

Charles and Stella have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren.