Greg Litzenberger

Studio Audio Technician

Lake Elsinore, CA
How Greg Serves with Global Recordings Network

Greg’s role at Global Recordings is to help update and maintain the audio library.  He works to digitize our analog files of original recorded tapes, and produces audio programs from the original recorded messages.  This includes taking an originally recorded message and making a top quality program that can be loaded onto the internet and/or played on any of the many new electronic devices.  This process is a vital and necessary link in the chain which results in the Words of Life reaching the least, the last, and the lost.

On Faith, Family, & Background

Greg joined the navy seeking the Lord’s will for his future. He was moved by seeing teeming masses of poor people around the world.  In the ship’s library of the USS Enterprise, He came across The Great Commission Handbook and, somewhere in the middle of the ocean, learned of the ministry of Global Recordings Network.  This was one step God used in revealing His plan for Greg’s life.

Greg has been at Global Recordings Network since 1987. He and his wife Nenet have been married for 25 years and have 2 adult children. Nenet has retired from assisting the Finances Department (since 1992) and does some outside counseling work.