Kevin Horan

Information Technology Director
Information Technology Department

Temecula, CA
How Kevin Serves with Global Recordings Network

Kevin is responsible for taking care of the servers, which provide email, website, and audio storage for Global Recordings. Kevin also writes software to help Global Recordings staff be more efficient in their work. As a servant-leader, Kevin also sits on the Administrative Team to promote and execute the mission and vision of Global Recordings Network.

On Faith & Family

Kevin began walking with the Lord while he was in high school. In 2005, while still in college, Kevin began working with Global Recordings as a volunteer. He graduated from college in 2011, and although he initially thought his work here would be short term, God put it on his heart to work full time for Global Recordings Network.

Kevin met his wife Ruth here at Global Recordings in 2011. They have a 3-year-old daughter and await the arrival of their son due in October. They serve together here at Global Recordings Network.

Background & Qualifications

Kevin graduated from University of Riverside in 2011 with a PhD in Computer Science. He has since taught himself the Linux Systems Administration.