David Gutierrez

Media Manager/South America Overseers
Media Department

Temecula USA Center
How David Serves with Global Recordings Network

David designs, produces, and prints Global Recordings catalogs, brochures and inserts that accompany our audio visuals in multiple languages. He puts together our monthly prayer bulletin and has designed and printed several books for Global Recordings Network. David also designs and prints publications like “Sounds”, a magazine distributed with informative stories about Global Recordings Network worldwide. He is the webmaster for Global Recordings USA site. He is also involved in “Bible Box”, which is a portable wifi hotspot that can be used in isolated locations worldwide and allows others to download Global Recordings media in the users own language.

On Faith & Family

David and his wife were missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico when a Global Recordings Network recordist came into their village. At the time they were running a medical clinic there, but soon realized the effectiveness of the audio cassettes in bringing people to the Lord. They soon became directors of Global Recordings Network Mexico. For the last 20 years they have supervised Global Recordings work in the Americas and helped establish bases and field operations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Columbia, and Venezuela. They continue the missions work in Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

David and his wife have 4 kids, two adopted daughters and 1 grandson. His wife and He have been with Global Recordings Network since 1984.

Background & Qualifications

David is a self-taught graphic designer, artist and printer.