Ed Young

USA Field Recordist (Ed)

How Ed serves with Global Recordings Network

Ed has recently transitioned from an international position to a field recordist position in the US. Ed has a desire to encourage people in Christ. He has produced Christian material for Global Recordings in nearly 100 different languages and dialects.  Ed has recorded projects with Native Americans in the USA and Canada.  He has also worked in Mexico, Spain and the Middle East.

On Faith, Family, & Background

Ed converted to Christ shortly after service in the US Navy.  He learned about Global Recordings from someone at his local church.  He and his wife joined a group of volunteers who were coming to the Global Recordings factory in Los Angeles to help press records.  Ed worked for Global Recordings in the United Kingdom for three years, and then joined the Global Recordings Network USA Team in 1971.

Ed and his wife were married in 1966. They have many children and grandchildren.