Bibles for Asia

Giving God’s Word A-Way

Sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ; providing and teaching His Holy Word

In partnership with Global Recordings Network since Spring 2015
Where We Partner Together

To date, we partner together in 11 Southeast Asian countries.

Focus of our Ministry Partnership

In the past few years, Bibles for Asia has utilized Global Recordings Network resources and recordings to empower native leaders to replicate their faith, one soul at a time. Global Recordings Network has provided recordings of Bible stories in 23 unique languages, which are duplicated and distributed by native believers throughout S.E. Asia.

Our partnership with Global Recordings Network is ongoing. One example of a current collaborative project is partnering together to begin 1,000 new Gospel Listening Groups per year in Southeast Asian villages using audio Bible stories and audio teaching materials provided by Global Recordings Network.

Favorite Global Recordings Network Partnership Story

“I am from a tribe in Vietnam. I am 17 years old. Thank you for giving a speaker and SD card with the audio Bible stories. I started to play it and invited my friends to come to listen. Then I explained to them about our Lord Jesus. Some of them accepted him as their Savior. Now we usually sit together and listen to His word. Thank you so much for your loving gift for us.” –Huy

This young man and more than 240 others recently accepted Jesus Christ after listening to Global Recordings Network’s Good News program.