All Nations Family

Vision | To see Jesus worshiped by every people group on earth.

Raymore, MO
In partnership with Global Recordings Network since 2005


Where We Partner Together

All Nations heart is to send workers to the unreached and unengaged people groups around the world. These are normally people groups with a smaller population and harder to reach due to geographic locations and/or high risk security. Together with GRN, we will be able to share Jesus through the recordings with those who would never have any other way to hear the Good News.

Focus of Our Ministry Partnership

All Nations has used recordings from GRN to give to locals in a people group that either do not have a written language or cannot read or write. These recordings contain Scriptures and Jesus stories in that particular people group’s language. Field Workers find a Person of Peace (POP) who is interested in learning more about Jesus and provides them with the recording and instructs them to share it with their family, friends and neighbors.

If possible, they also provide further discipleship with the Person of Peace and their group to grow them in obeying the commands of Jesus and to develop a healthy community within the group. This is sometimes called a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) or even a church if the people are actively studying Scripture and obeying the commands of Jesus. This will result in teaching how to multiply the group as members venture out into starting their own groups and disciple their own people. This is the beginning of a church planting movement (CPM).