Distribution Project

GRN has used every technology available at the time to share the Gospel with people around the world.

Most of our distribution today happens from our 5fish free app. This platform delivers the Gospel in more than 6500 languages using about 40 language platforms. This content is all freely downloadable and shareable. You can load this app on your mobile phone from any app store. Or you can go to www.5fish.mobi. This platform also connects users to other free audio visual materials that are produced by Christian evangelical ministries. Most frequently you will find audio New Testaments and the Jesus Film.

For locations that do not have internet access, our materials are available on a number of media that range from a few dollars each to more than forty. Some missions load our materials onto their own players and use them to start listening groups that often become Bible studies and eventually home churches. We try to make available printed flip charts to go with some of our story series such as the Good News. These are useful for organized listening groups and again are available as funding provides, or can be purchased. We also distribute our materials on SD cards and micro SD cards to be used on cell phones or other players

Our materials can also be placed on media libraries. You can now hold in the palm of your hand a digital library that contains our entire inventory, completely independent of the internet. Or a library can be loaded with all languages of a continent or other geographical area, for distribution among languages there.

Closely related are Wi-Fi hot spots that enable free downloads. You can sit in a busy place like an airport terminal or a train car or a remote village and people looking for Wi-Fi connections can download or listen to any language that is available on 5fish. We make these available to our fielders that are doing language investigation where there is no internet. The LightStream is one such tool that costs about $120 USD.

For questions: Distribution@GlobalRecordings.Net