Tumi Tiger Project

Tumi, the Talking Tiger

Tumi is every Ukrainian child’s soft toy tiger buddy

These messages are a collection of short ‘chats’ delivering messages of comfort, empowerment, and God’s love to Ukrainian children who have been traumatized by poverty, disease, abuse, or disaster. They are designed for use with Tumi the Talking Tiger soft toy.

Tumi Tiger is a tool to assist with:

Trauma Recovery
Experience shows that stuffed animals can bring physical and emotional comfort to children and adults who have gone through trauma and pain. Tumi can be a buddy to help children of poverty, disease, and disaster to feel loved.

Life Orientation
Tumi shares important knowledge, values, and skills that are essential for the personal, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of all our children. Every child can benefit from a friendship with Tumi.

Tumi Tiger is:

Simple and Practical
A special pocket/pouch in each animal holds the audio player that is Tumi’s voice box. The controls are easy for a child to use and give access to all Tumi’s chats. The player is solar rechargeable and can be recharged hundreds of times.

Child Focused/Child Safe for all ages
The tiger soft toy is child certified, as is the audio player device. These soft toys are washable, hypo allergenic, and safety-tested. We have from 2 year olds up to 12 year olds who appreciate a Tumi hug while listening to tiger tales.

A Team Player
Tumi has proven to be effective serving as a co member of staff on medical teams and disaster relief teams, in trauma rooms, and at orphanages and shelters.

Tumi’s stories are carefully developed to make a long-lasting impact on children. The young listener learns and is guided through Tumi’s adventures and mistakes to do with crucial matters. Nobody’s purrrfect, right? Tumi addresses and engages the child as a playmate and a tiger as well (or a human ‘cub’).

For questions:  US@globalrecordings.net